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Pirates of the Caribbean: dead man’s chest – a review

July 9, 2006

Ok, I’ll try to not give away anything for those who haven’t seen this movie yet. If you like the first movie, you’ll love this one. I had so much fun and it’s not because of how handsome Depp and Bloom are. Only one thing I don’t like about this movie, there’s no complete closure at the end. That undoubtedly has a lot to do with the 3rd movie coming out next year. Next year! These people are really trying to kill me here. Why can’t they release it at the end of this year instead??

Anyhow, the special effects of this movie are just awesome. Especially with the huge octopus and the crews of the Flying Dutchman. This movie kicks Xmen 3’s ass. Bring on the next instalment!

What I don’t get is the review on the Herald Sun. They gave this movie only 1 star when The Age’s reviewer gave 3 stars. I thought The Age usually gives stricter ratings. My ratings: 4.5/5. I deducted 0.5 for not having complete closure. At least for Lord of the Rings you can read the books. Here you can only wait!

Verdict: if you only see one movie this year, this has to be it.