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snakes on a plane

August 21, 2006

No, this is not a movie review. The movie isn’t out in Australia yet. This is just merely my thoughts on this movie or rather, the movie title. I read this article in The Age last Friday about this movie and how it’s attracting a cult even before being released. I fail to see how on earth can anything with such a lame title attract any cult. Seriously, what is this movie about? It’s a movie about snakes and they are on a plane. Duh!

What usually works for me is I see a movie title, I get curious, I go see it. This title doesn’t make me curious. I don’t like snakes, I don’t love snakes and I think anything that has anything to do with planes is going to suck big time. Why don’t I like planes in movie? Because any movie with a plane is going to have either a psychopath killing/kidnapping on a plane (example: red eye, flight plan) or it’s gonna involve lamely executed emergency landing by an amateur or it’s gonna involve some terrorist plot. No, planes are too lame. Snakes on plane are even lamer.

Why? Why would a few hundred snakes be on a plane? Why? I suppose I have to see the movie to know but really, there is no logical way to have a few hundred snakes on a passenger plane. Even if you can get a few hundred snakes on a passenger plane they would have been locked up, not crawling around biting people without being provoked first. What is the movie world coming to? What’s next for us to see? Dinosaurs on a space station?

So what’s the hell is in this movie to make it attract a cult? Maybe it’s because of the fact that Samuel L. Jackson is in it. But then you have to admit that good actors sometime involve in really bad movies (example: Chalize Theoron – Aeon Flux; Angelina Jolie – Tomb raider) so you can’t say that a movie that has SLJ is going to be fabulous. I don’t care if he’s the “epitome of cool” or not. I’m defintely NOT going to see this movie.


Costello hearts Howard

July 12, 2006

Another direct result of my getting up early this morning was I got the scoop on the Sunrise team’s gossip on the ‘conspiracy’ behind Tom Cruise’s daughter, Suri and caught a few pieces of news of the Howard-Costello relationship leadership debate.

The relationship between Howard and Costello at the moment is like a bad marriage. Both want to wear the pants but there is only one a pair. So after 10+ years, Costello has had enough and said “I want to wear the pants now before I’m too old to fit in them”. Little John wouldn’t want to hear anything about it. He’s fond of those pants and he’s grown attached to them these past years. So Costello called Howard a liar and the press got a field day.

Meanwhile, Kim Beastly Beazley is rubbing his hand and do that ‘mwa ha ha ha ha’ laugh that those evil villains do.

Seriously, Howard and Costello should have kept their feud under wrap. It’s bad for the image of the party if their leaders are at odds with one another on national TV. But then they might have been keeping their feud under wrap for a few years now and Costello has finally had it. You can’t blame Costello for it though. Poor guy, playing the bridemaid for so long in hope that Johnnie would kept his promise.

The whole thing just makes me wonder. So it’s ok if John Howard lied to the whole nation [children overboard incidence] but it’s not ok if he lied to the treasurer. Talking about double standard.

blah blah blah

July 10, 2006

Question: Is this another atheist rant?
Answer: no, are you disappointed? The truth is, I can’t just rant on and on about the nonexistence of god. That’s a bit weird. Can’t I just state that god does not exist and move on to some other topics? But don’t be discouraged, I’ll be back with a vengence before long
Question: Are you gonna talk about “crises” again? Don’t get me wrong, I love your wits and all but you suck when you talk about politics.
Answer: well thank you! I’m extremely motivated by your question and I will treat you to another crisis post. No, really, do you really need ME to tell you about thing that you can read in the newspaper?
Question: So what the heck are you gonna write about?
Answer: um… something?

So I’ve come to this point in blogging when I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Isn’t that sad? the 3vil g3nius has nothing to talk about. Let’s talk about what I’m doing now.

  • I’m on a break, a break that will end this week. Grrr, I hate uni. Have I told you how much I hate uni? May be not. Here’s a piece of wisdom from a one-semester uni veteran: uni sucks.
  • I’m reading a psychology book and it’s one of the reasons why uni sucks. I have to do psychology next semester and write an essay. You know I just love essays. Anyhow, I’m convinced that Freud, for all his genius, was sexually frustrated. Extremely so. Read his Psychoanalytical personality theory. He made everyone out to be seeking to have sex and produce offsprings. What’s with the Oepidus complex? That’s just sick! I get the Id, ego and superego theory. It’s neat but sex motivates everything? That’s just too sick! How does he explain homosexual people then? No, don’t answer that.
  • I’m sleeping 12 hours a day. The problem with sleeping so much is that when you wake up all you want is to go back to sleep. Sleeping is my absolute favourite hobby. For me sleep can solve everything. Some people turn to food or drugs or whatever for comfort, I turn to sleep. At least I won’t be a drug junkie or an obese person right? See I do see the brighter sides of things from time to time.

in which YOU get a break from my angry atheist rants

July 7, 2006

I was reading this article on about angry atheist. The article was just trying to resolve the myth of angry atheist. I was hoping the reason was something like atheists aren’t angry, they’re so hyped up about not believing any crap that they appear to be angry. Surprise surprise, the article didn’t mention anything about that. The whole thing boils down to atheists are angry and there are many reasons why they’re angry and by the way there are some non-angry atheist too, the end. The whole article kinda defeat the purpose of the word “myth”.
So that article got me thinking, am I just another angry atheist? Of course I am, look at this blog, three quarters of the recent posts are about how ridiculous christianity is and how absurd the bible is. And that leads to the second question, what am I going to do about this? Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be an atheist and even an angry one but being angry all the time just can’t work. It’s gonna do something to my moods. So, today I’m gonna have a break from the absurd existence of a God and talk about something else.

Let’s talk about the current crises [weird word, crisis, the plural form of crisis is not crisises but crises, weird] in the world. So North Korea has finally showed the US how much it loved the US of A huh? What a fireworks show for Independence day! Too bad your fireworks show was a big dud. Even the people in Alaska couldn’t see squat of your fireworks. May be some Japanese fishermen might have seen something of NK’s big bad Taepodong-2, a supposedly deadly long-range missile that can reach Alaska and/or LA. What is the deal with those North Korean anyway? They pretty much advertised to the whole world that they have a missile that can strike the US and the said missile failed 40 seconds into the test. Talking about big overture, little show!

That wasn’t much of a crisis for the US in my opinion. Now they can laugh their head off about how stupid the North Koreans are and cut all sanctions to NK. Oh and persuade the rest of the nations to cut all sanctions to NK in the process too. May be the North Koreans have something up their sleeve, may be they’re trying to lure the US into some false sense of security and then kaboom, a few nuclear missiles to all the US’s buddies near NK. Just my humble theory.

What’s other crisis? Oh, that new Isreal airstrike that killed Palestinians. I figure this should be ranked higher on the crisis scale over that long-range dud crisis since there were actually some human casualties. However, it didn’t make it to the front page. May be it’s what I call the the-boy-who-cried-wolf complex. No, I’m not implying that they’re lying about people dying in the middle east. It’s like you hear too much about the Palestine-Isreal conflict and you figure there are always some kind of airstrike or terrorist attack going on over there so you tune out anything that has anything to do with middle east. Or may be it’s just me.

Any other crisis? Of course there are, people dying in Africa, people starving in Asia, Falun Gong practitioners being killed and their organs harvested for sale in China, … Oh well, it’s just another day. And tomorrow is yet another day.

Talking about tomorrow is another day. I suppose I’ve always been a bit cynical and pessismistic but I really don’t get those people who blogs about “tomorrow is another day”. May be they’re all positive all the time and they’re just super hyper positive. But you can’t be positive all the time. There is no way that anyone can be positive all the time. It’s just like you can’t be negative all the time. Me? I might have a the-glass-is-never-full view of everything but I manage to be positive sometimes so those the-glass-is-never-empty people have to be negative sometimes. I suppose I need to find out about what those people write in their tomorrow-is-another-day blogs. It’s a shame that those people always have to write in Chinese or some other language. I rarely come across similar blogs in English that’s talk about similar things and manage to not try to sell me some obscure self-help books on how to be positive.

The 3vil g3nius’s extremely short guide to be positive:
Tatoo positive signs (ie. plus signs, do not, I repeat DO NOT tatoo crosses, 3vil g3nius does not condone the practice of tatooing religious signs) all over your body. Then you can always be positive or at the very least, remind yourself to be positive.

Big Brother, thy name is controversy

July 3, 2006

Since when isn’t BB about controversies? Last year there were the indecent incident of some housemate rubbing himself on some other housemate and the prime time pole dancing sessions. That created an outrage all right. Or enough of an outrage to make my school decide that we poor students have to write an essay on the negative effects of reality shows. I’ve been hating the damn stupid show ever since. Not that I liked it in the first place.
This year instead of indecent rubbing there was an alledged sexual assault. Some dickhead in the house decided to slap another inmate housemate with his dick and got himself and his mate evicted. The police have since dropped the charges as no one have pursued legal actions. It’s strange that the woman who was alledgedly sexually assaulted defended her assaulters saying the whole incident was “just for fun”. I don’t see the “fun” in being assaulted by 2 brutes, do you? These people should really get a life. If the BB house is so boring why did they apply to get in there in the first place? But then again, this indecent incidence is just another publicity stunt. By this time next year nobody’s gonna remember who smacked who with what.
I reckon the newspaper opinion page’s gonna be full with call to put a stop to the whole BB show just like last year. However, I think public outrage’s not gonna give BB the boot. Next year BB’s gonna be back with a vengence. Maybe they’ll do live execution instead of live eviction. That’ll maintain the state of constant controversy.

BB victim says it was all in fun
BB housemates went too far

this is just great!

July 2, 2006

Just when I decided to barrack for England now that the Aussies are out, they lost! It’s like any team I cheer for will lose or something. Not that I believe in jinxes. I hate being disappointed so I won’t support any team again.
At least Brazil is out. I never really like them.

christmas comes early?

June 26, 2006

Did anyone feel like Christmas come early while watching the Portugal-Netherlands match. Yellow and red cards were practically flying everywhere and that made me feel like the whole damn match was a big fat christmas tree. Come on, was there any player who didn't receive at least a yellow card. That match saw 4 red cards. I've never seen 4 red cards in one match before. And how many yellow cards were there? I think there were about 20 yellow cards!
England should be laughing right now, even though Portugal won, they're gonna lose for sure to England due to a third of the main players having to sit on the bench.


June 25, 2006

So I've disappeared from this blog for a few days. It's no big deal. I was in yet another marathon session of Dark Angel. Oh, how I love the holiday. Anyway, it's time for another of my atheist rants, so if someone found  my rants offending please don't read any further.
First off, I must say that God does not exist. Full stop. Can I prove that he doesn't exist. No. Can anyone prove that he does? No. So what's wrong with not agreeing with everyone else? What's wrong in not believing in what I think is a made up fairy tales for adult? There, I've said it, god is a made up fairy tale character, a figment of some person's imagination, a mass delusion.

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So why then is there life on Earth and not on Mars you might ask. Well, that is the result of a rare coincedence when our planet was just lucky enough to be not too close and not too far away from the sun. So strictly speaking, if the sun hadn't been there, there wouldn't be any life on Earth at all. We should really go worship the Sun, the sun deserves that a lot. Let's all convert to pagan and be natural.
I'm sure not many people will that what I said seriously so I won't hold my breath for anyone converting to pagan. In the mean time, here's something for you to consider.

  • Why can't we wait until we get to Heaven to worship God?
  • What is the purpose of prayer? What can a finite being on Earth possibly tell an omnipotent, omniscient deity that he doesn't know already?
  • If God has a plan for you, and his plan cannot be thwarted, do you really have a free will?

in which I do nothing

June 22, 2006

I must say the last 2 days were the most relaxing days for the past month. Nothing to worry about, no crisis to attend to, nothing's wrong with the world except for the North Korean trying to nuke the US with some long-range missiles and every other nations jump in to condemn North Korea. Seriously, the US should have known that those North Korean hate the US's gut and would prepare to kick its ass anytime. Imagine what it would be like if the North Korean team up with Al Quaeda?
Ok, back to my selfish, relaxing world. I've re-discover the joy of doing nothing. Well, not exactly doing nothing because I was still breathing, eating and well producing excrement. I had nothing to do and the TV became my best friend again. Somehow my sister managed to borrow the first few seasons of Buffy and Dark Angel and we did this Buffy and Dark Angel marathon from 8 am to 5 pm. That was heaven! Oops, there is no heaven I forgot. I believe, when you die, you'll just die. Your body stop functioning, no more action potential in any of your cells and conciousness just went out like you turn off a light. You don't become ghost to haunt the living, you don't go to a higher plane, ie heaven or hell. You just die. I believe that. There is no proof for that of course but that sounds logical to my brain. More logical than some omnipotent guy with a "master plan" for my life who put me here on earth so that I can do good in order to be reunite with him in heaven. Oh, I would also like to point out that god isn't very merciful. Why else would he put people in eternal damnation? If he's merciful he wouldn't do that. And if he's omnipotent at all he would already know how people will turn out, ie. good or bad, before he makes them. So why does he make bad people? God just doesn't make sense!
Ok, I've been rambling a bit but hopefully that makes sense right?
I've finally had enough with soccer. Or rather with those commentators on SBS. I am sick of people commentating before the match, during the match, at half-time, and at the end of the match. Not to mention a day after the match. I'm more focused on who wins and who loses. Isn't that what's this whole tournament about? Who cares about set pieces and scoring first will put you in the lead? Of course scoring first will put you in the lead what the heck else would it put you in? the back? Commentators are those who get paid for stating the absolutely obvious.

may be I’m not alone in this

June 10, 2006

I've already said this and probably I'm sounding like a broken record already. I hate idiots. It's sad that I see idiots everywhere but I can't help it.

I see dumb people