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I’m back

August 14, 2006

That was the longest stretch of time I’ve gone without posting anything. This post is more like a guilt-ridden post. The type of posts that I usually don’t have anything to say but I just post it anyway because my blog has been looking the same boring way for more 2 weeks.

So what was going on in the last 2 weeks? I honestly don’t know! Weird isn’t it? I remember I was very busy with something but I can’t just tell what the heck that something was. Oh, yes, the psychology essay. Which I hate so much and was so glad to got it off my hand on Friday. As is always the case, I hate essays, especially my essay. It’s just that when you write it you feel that it’s extremely good. When you finish it, you feel even better. Then you reread it and the feeling of confidence just go swooshing out of you. First reread wasn’t bad, it felt like I could fix it up with a few sentences here and there. Second reread was bad, it felt like I stuffed it up. Third reread was pathetic, I felt like tearing my essay into a hundred thousand pieces and stuff those pieces into the toilet. Unfortunately [or is it fortunately?], I didn’t go with my feelings. I handed the pathetic essay in and have been feeling lousily about it ever since. No big deal.

That wasn’t the only thing that went on during my 2 weeks desertion of this blog. However, that was the only thing that I can remember of. Let me see what else? Yes, I’ve got a PDA now. You might ask what the hell do I need a PDA for? Believe me, I’ve asked myself the same question. Strictly speaking, I didn’t buy it and I bought it. How come? Well, my technologically challenged sister suddenly had this wonderful thought of purchasing a PDA and a foldable keyboard [which is extremely cool] to type notes during her lectures. So she bought it, brought it home, played with it for 2 hours and then came to my room and gave me the damn thing. She didn’t like it one bit! I could use some organizing with my life, I thought at the time. What I’ve been using the PDA for was quite embarassing really. It hasn’t helped a whole lot with organising, more like disorganising my life. I’ve been using it to play Solitaire, which is time consuming, and has no educational value whatsoever.

So that’s it for this post. I’m 2 issues behind with the weird blog series and I’ll make up for it when I have time.