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moronic oversea students

August 18, 2006

I never really intended to post anything about overseas students in general but I have had enough. Not that all overseas students are moronic, and not that all Australians students are intelligent either. It’s just that an overseas student put that last tiny drop in my glass this morning so I’m gonna rant about moronic overseas students today. Someday I’m gonna do a post on the morons that can’t stop yapping in lectures.

So what’s with overseas students? Yeah, what’s with them. They travel in packs of preferably the same nationality. They don’t speak English when they’re in their respective packs and they often speak loudly. I have no qualms about anyone speaking any languages. But I do have some qualms when it comes to speaking loudly and in a supposedly “quiet study area” in the library. Seriously. There’re a dozen of signs telling people that it’s quiet study area. But no people just talk and talk and talk there. It’s like the quiet study area is for talking and not studying. I’m extremely irritated when it comes to that. However, overseas students just turn my irritation meter about 10 irritation units up. They talk loudly, that bit we’ve established, and they talk extra loudly when they’re in their packs in the quiet study area. I’m extra irritated because I’m just curious what the heck they talk about so freaking loudly in a quiet study area anyway. Can’t they just talk else where?

However, that wasn’t the last drop. That was the first 1000 drops. The next thing I don’t understand is overseas students and computers. They never turn on a computer all by themselves or something. That was exactly what happened this morning. I turned on a computer, endured the excrutinating 1 minute that it took to boot up and got online to find lecture materials. Found it, printed it out, went to the printer to get the print out and when I’m back some overseas dude was sitting at my freaking computer, the computer where I logged on and where my bag was LYING RIGHT NEXT TO, typing an email. Now that was the last drop. I’m gonna post this post and be done with my anger at moronic overseas students. Can’t they just press the freaking button to turn on the CPU? I had to wait for 1 minute, one lousy minute to turn on that freaking computer and that dude just jumped right on it when I was away for 20 seconds, 20 FREAKING SECONDS. And it’s not like there’s a shortage of unoccupied computers, they just weren’t turned on. Are these morons too moronic to comprehend how to press a freaking button?

So that’s out, I must say I have no qualms with overseas students, they’re good for the economy and all. I just can’t stand the moronic ones. Actually, I can’t stand any professional morons of any nationality, full stop.