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some people just have weird hobbies

August 17, 2006

Truevil had to do this research thing last week on eating disorders for an oral presentation. The researching part wasn’t bad. Truevil ran into some interesting information like the first few cases of Anorexia Nervosa was from some Christian Saints who over exercised, under-ate and as a result died young and very skinny. The first incidences of bulimia went, alledgedly, way back to the Roman empire. They, alledgedly, had “vomitoriums” in banquet halls so that patrons could make a pig of themselves, throw up then continue to make a pig of themselves. Anyway, this particular piece of information isn’t very well supported.

So you’re probably wondering what does my oral presentation has anything to do with weird hobbies. Well, when I was researching the credibility of “vomitorium” I came across a website by some dude who collects vomit pictures and coincedentally, his website is called “the vomitorium“. Looking at those pictures alone will make you want to puke. Go there if you dare.

That’s it for today, I was going to leave you with a gruesome picture of an Anorexia nervosa sufferer, however, it’s very likely to be on this page for quite a while and frankly, that picture creeps me out. So I’ll leave you with this picture instead. See how much ideal body shape can change in 20 years?