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beta blogger rocks!

August 18, 2006

If you’re wondering what’s the firetruck happens to my blog, stop wondering. I didn’t do something stupid like mucking away at the template I wrote last year and forgot to save a backup template hence I had to stick with some lame highly unoriginal templates provided by Blogger. Nope, no such thing happened. It was just that I got offered a chance to try out Blogger Beta and jumped at it. Blogger Beta rocks.
Let’s talk about the good points first:

  • Labels, finally blogger has labels. I’ve been wanting labels for a while now and couldn’t have the time to poke around some Blogger hacks to put labels on my blog. I tried to compensate for that by having a WordPress mirror which is fully label supported. The problem with WordPress is that it’s too freaking slow, even at cable speed it was slow [or maybe it was just my rotten luck]. I don’t really have to say anything about WordPress on dialup, do I? It was excruciatingly slow.
  • Super fast. Blogger Beta offers basically the same stuffs as WordPress, with the exception of an in built counter however, Blogger Beta was fast, probably faster than the old blogger. WordPress eats Blogger Beta’s dirt.
  • Customise is child’s play. Yes, child’s play. There are a few widgets available and customise backgrounds, fonts, font size, font colours are as easy as abc. I remember the pain I had to go through last year to customise my blog, this is just too easy.
  • add links with ease. Adding links to the template in Blogger was a real pain in the ass. However, you can always use or to reduce that pain. Blogger Beta offers a real cure for the pain. Just log in and post links away. I’m loving this.
  • Heaps of new features like private blogs and invite only blogs. Frankly, these are the stuffs that I really don’t care about hence the short paragraph. For more info click here

Now to the down points

  • No counter yet. There’s been some rumour about Google intergrating Measure Map into Blogger but so far, nothing yet.
  • Can’t edit HTML source code. I love my old template even though it was a bit dodgy. Especially my banner which I made personally. My old template was personalised, not just customised. HTML editing is “coming soon” but how soon is anyone’s guess.

So that’s it for the down points so far. Now I have to do some back tracking and post labels to all my old posts, that should take a while.