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scammers must think we have crap for brain

July 17, 2006

I was a little bored so I went to check my spam mail box. Ok, the truth is I didn’t get any email so I checked my spam mail, what’s so bad about that?
Anyway, I found this ridiculous spam.

Dear Friend,
I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise but honestly I do not
intend to surprise you. In introduction my name is Richard Uduku I write this
letter in respect of my intention to transfer and invest the sum
of US$18,000,000.00 in your company which I inherited from my Father who was a Politician and oil/Gold dealer from Guinea Bissau .But unfortunately he was shot
dead by his political opponent during one of his business trip to Cote D Ivoire.
I am now left with my only surviving mother who unfortunately has been
critically ill since 2 months after the death of my father because of the shock
of his late husband’s death. And because of how my dad’s political opponents has
been trying to eliminate our entire family, I then had to run out of my country
with my mum for our dear lives.
The fund in question is now with the Financial Firm where it was deposited
and all it’s Documents are still intact with me. In view of this plight, I
expect you to be trust worthy and kind enough to assist me ,I hereby agree to
compensate your sincere and candideffort in this regard with 20% of the total
fund and 5% for expenses,which may arise during the transaction.
Whatever your decision is please contact me immediately through this email
Best Regards.
Richard U.F

This is good enough material for a soap opera. What’s with politician dad got axed by political opponent and a mother who’s critically ill. And they have 18 millions bucks which they can’t access and have to ask for MY help! The whole spam just yells SCAM at you, doesn’t it? Even my webmail client has enough sense to put this in the spam box.
These scammers must be either really dumb to come up with this scenario or they think that we have crap for brain.


scary toy

July 12, 2006

3vil g3nius was up early this morning, well, early enough to catch the last half hour or so of Toasted TV anyway. What 3vil g3nius noticed during that half hour was that, one third of the half hour was devoted to toy ads. That’s a staggering amount of time if you ask me. Anyhow, the toys were scary. There was this remote controlled, fully motorized crawling baby that looked like it’s contemplating murdering the kid who’s holding the remote control. Too bad I can’t find a picture of that murderous doll on the internet. That ad scared the sleep out of me.
And then there was the creepy Barbie face.
Barbie dolls with fully intact bodies with hands and unnaturally long legs I can stand, just the face is out of the question. What’s more? There are make up underneath the face so that kids can paint on the face or on their faces.
This is what Walmart said about this toy

With unique 3-d faces and hair, cool makeup, body jewelry and more, the Barbie Fashion Fever compact styling face gives girls everything they need to create a variety of different looks. Includes body jewelry, lip gloss, eye shadow and liner. Blonde hair.

Note that this is for kids from age 5-10. What the hell kind of message are these people trying to get across? Would you give your girls who is eight make-up to play with? Next you’ll be buying them high heels for their 9th birthday.

Big Brother, thy name is controversy

July 3, 2006

Since when isn’t BB about controversies? Last year there were the indecent incident of some housemate rubbing himself on some other housemate and the prime time pole dancing sessions. That created an outrage all right. Or enough of an outrage to make my school decide that we poor students have to write an essay on the negative effects of reality shows. I’ve been hating the damn stupid show ever since. Not that I liked it in the first place.
This year instead of indecent rubbing there was an alledged sexual assault. Some dickhead in the house decided to slap another inmate housemate with his dick and got himself and his mate evicted. The police have since dropped the charges as no one have pursued legal actions. It’s strange that the woman who was alledgedly sexually assaulted defended her assaulters saying the whole incident was “just for fun”. I don’t see the “fun” in being assaulted by 2 brutes, do you? These people should really get a life. If the BB house is so boring why did they apply to get in there in the first place? But then again, this indecent incidence is just another publicity stunt. By this time next year nobody’s gonna remember who smacked who with what.
I reckon the newspaper opinion page’s gonna be full with call to put a stop to the whole BB show just like last year. However, I think public outrage’s not gonna give BB the boot. Next year BB’s gonna be back with a vengence. Maybe they’ll do live execution instead of live eviction. That’ll maintain the state of constant controversy.

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