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what is so fascinating about the Emmy?

August 29, 2006

Truevil watch Grey’s anatomy. It’s a rather new fact coz all of truevil’s friends seem to think that truevil doesn’t watch TV full stop. Anyhow, truevil does watch TV shows, anything that’s intelligent and has an actual script. Truevil hates anything that’s without a script, i.e. those bloody unrealistic “reality” TV shows and what Truevil hates most of all is shows without a script that involves celebrities i.e. bloody dancing with the stars, skating with the stars, celibrities overhaul, celebrities circus, celebrities doing the normal-people-stuffs and the up and coming “how do celebrities use the toilet”. Some of those “celebrities” people aren’t exactly qualified to be celebrities. Politicians aren’t supposed to be celebrities, they’re politicians, they lie, sometimes, to get voted and hence famous in a sense but they are NOT celebrities in my book. Celebrities should be used for someone in the Entertainment industry only, like those people flocking up to awards in weird dresses that they think look great. Like those people on the Emmy awards last night.

Truevil isn’t a great fan of watching awards night on free-to-air TV. In fact, truevil doesn’t like any type of awards presenting ceremony except those that truevil will definitely have to accept an award. Yes, truevil boycott any awards night that truevil aren’t nominated coz truevil thinks that it’s a waste of time going there, sitting there for the night, watching other people accepting awards. Truevil has to have some motivation to watch or go to such ceremony. However, truevil tuned in yesterday to watch the Emmy during the various advertisement breaks throughout the duration of Grey’s anatomy.

So while watching the Emmy, truevil couldn’t help but wondering why on earth anyone would want to watch this pretentious crap. Everyone who rocked up wanted to get some trophies home. The winners, or rather the ones to whom the trophies went to, couldn’t really obvously try to rub their winnings under the noses of the losers, or rather the ones to whom the trophies didn’t go to. And the losers had to act like they were so glad that the best actors/actresses won and not them. There were great performances by the losers. And truevil meant that they didn’t break down and cry or jump on stage and punch the winner in the face because they didn’t get the bloody trophies they were nominated for.

What was even more mind bloggling is the concept of “beautiful”. The people who interview celebrities arriving on the red carpet just keep saying that people they were interviewing were beautiful or looking fantastic even though they look absolutely horrible. How could someone who is supposed to be a sixty-year-old woman and who had, obviously, too much plastic surgery look “beautiful”? She looked absolutely plastic. Her face looked like that of a thirty-year-old woman, all thanks to her plastic surgeon of course, and her neck looked like a wrinkled sultana. What the hell is beautiful there? Why can’t these people age normally? Why do they have to hold on to youthful appreances?

Truevil heard from somewhere that the red carpet part is usually the part when most people are interested in and truevil just can’t understand it? What’s so goddamn interesting about people with plastic faces who wears expensive clothes that they didn’t have to pay for?


what kind of actor is Angelina Jolie?

August 28, 2006

Last week I posted a post on “Snakes on the plane” and got quite a few comments on my comment about Angelina Jolie. What did I say? I said Angelina Jolie is a good actor and some anonymous guy [please invent a name, anonymous coz there are quite a few anonymous-es around] and Bertwood-eat-fish-filled-with-lead-from-the-Yarra-River seem to agree [with each other] to disagree with me. So the purpose of this post is to clarify my opinion on Angelina Jolie’s acting ability or lack thereof.

First thing first, I did say that Angelina Jolie was horrible in Tomb Raider. Not an exact quote but I said something along that line. And who, in their right mind would say that she gave an Oscar-worthy performance with that horrible role. Why? Lara Croft is a stupid character. Any gun-toting, skimpy-outfit-wearing female with unrealistic big boobs are going to be stupid. A movie with said character as a lead is as a result a stupid movie.

However, let’s set Tomb Raider 1 and Tomb Raider 2 aside and look at her other movies in which she was great. What movie you might ask. I’d love to list at least 10 movies just to show you Angelina is a good actor, however, after thinking about this for 1 minute, I can only think of 1 movie and it’s “girl, interrupted”. The rest of her movies that I’ve watched, she’s either mediocre or somewhere between mediocre and bad.

So what’s my verdict on Angelina Jolie? She’s just a mediocre actor with a lot of luck [since she did win an Oscar for her role in Girl, interrupted]. She is definitely not an extremely bad actor but I admit she’s not a good one either.

I think I’ve just opened a can of worms and Angelina fans are going to boycott me but hey, I’ve got to admit to what’s right!

PS. I’ve been accused by Bertwood EF [EF stands for eat fastfood] of being “mesmerised by her skilful juggling ability, as exemplified expecially in tomb raider” and I’d like to say that I was not, am not and will not ever be mesmerised by anything by anyone, including Angelina Jolie, in Tomb Raider. Besides, only sex-craved teenage boys are mesmerised by gun-toting, skimpy-outfit-wearing females with big booobs and I don’t belong to that category.