snakes on a plane

No, this is not a movie review. The movie isn’t out in Australia yet. This is just merely my thoughts on this movie or rather, the movie title. I read this article in The Age last Friday about this movie and how it’s attracting a cult even before being released. I fail to see how on earth can anything with such a lame title attract any cult. Seriously, what is this movie about? It’s a movie about snakes and they are on a plane. Duh!

What usually works for me is I see a movie title, I get curious, I go see it. This title doesn’t make me curious. I don’t like snakes, I don’t love snakes and I think anything that has anything to do with planes is going to suck big time. Why don’t I like planes in movie? Because any movie with a plane is going to have either a psychopath killing/kidnapping on a plane (example: red eye, flight plan) or it’s gonna involve lamely executed emergency landing by an amateur or it’s gonna involve some terrorist plot. No, planes are too lame. Snakes on plane are even lamer.

Why? Why would a few hundred snakes be on a plane? Why? I suppose I have to see the movie to know but really, there is no logical way to have a few hundred snakes on a passenger plane. Even if you can get a few hundred snakes on a passenger plane they would have been locked up, not crawling around biting people without being provoked first. What is the movie world coming to? What’s next for us to see? Dinosaurs on a space station?

So what’s the hell is in this movie to make it attract a cult? Maybe it’s because of the fact that Samuel L. Jackson is in it. But then you have to admit that good actors sometime involve in really bad movies (example: Chalize Theoron – Aeon Flux; Angelina Jolie – Tomb raider) so you can’t say that a movie that has SLJ is going to be fabulous. I don’t care if he’s the “epitome of cool” or not. I’m defintely NOT going to see this movie.


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