this week’s weird blogs

Following up from last week’s extremely popular, comment attracting [2 comments in comparison to the average of 0 comment other post attracted], blogbusting success of weird blog links here’s this week’s weird blogs.

Here Now
Before you click on that link, be sure you are

  • Not homophobic
  • 18 years or above
  • Like comics books
  • Don’t normally drool when you see muscular men. [I’m just worried about the welfare of your keyboard, that’s all. And I don’t drool, ever! I might when I’m old and senile but I haven’t drool since I was 6]

Something is definitely wrong with “random” blogs today. Blogs with the general theme of half-naked men seem to pop up more than usual. This blog is, allegedly, from the Czech Republic. The author, at first glance, seems to be extremely obsessed with his body. I’m not very sure if the pictures featured there are actually pictures of the author. Why am I not sure? Let’s just say that I can’t afford to actually read the damn blog on account of it showing an excessive amount of “flesh” and I am using a university computer. How weird would it be if people catch me looking at half-naked men regardless of my sex?

Coincidental cure
This is yet another trigger-happy oops, shutter-happy asian blog. Not actually a blog really. More like a place to dumb pictures. What makes this blog qualify for the strange blogs series is the fact that the pictures were taken in Melbourne.

ilOve derrPERSON sercetlyBUDD…
I know that I’ve already posted a typical Asian blog last week but I just can’t resist posting a link to this blog. This blog is blasphamy!
First, there is the music. At first I thought that it was some sort of ringtone with someone singing but then I realized that it’s the theme song from “Laputa: the castle in the sky” which is my second favourite Hayao Miyazaki’s anime after “Spirited away”. And the singing voices sound amateurish so I suspect that those voices are of the author and her friend.
Second, there is the language. I had to practically translate the author’s version of English to plain English to understand what the hell the author was writing about. Try this:

ToDae wen ii cum to schthe weather is very windy n wan to rain so all my
classmates like very sleepy after my common test ……………… after tat i
was cal to go down wif mira to see teacher coz i nvr go to the camp n only got
two day mc so flame…………..rite
tat y i dun like to go sch litter beat
must stay bck until 6 or see parent so wierd rite………
i m dam boring at
sch like no mood to study………………but nvrm bear for 1 more yearthern ii
cn do wat ii wan
the story will be contiune ……………………….

Jesus H. Christ! Instead of ‘today when I come’ (which is grammartically incorrect since it should be today when I came), she had ‘ToDae wen ii cum’ which freaked me out a bit when I first saw it considering the definition of the verb “cum”.
I know the story “will be contiune…” but I’m not sure I have the courage to return to this blog. One good thing though, it doesn’t have any pictures.


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