2 weeks and counting

Yeah, it’s the Middle East conflict again. Is there anytime when there isn’t any sort of conflict in the Middle East? I wasn’t gonna do a post on this topic since I was convinced that no good would have come out of this conflict. However, my sauces point out to me that this is an oportunity to rant about religions without using my usual approach of religions = illogical hence God doesn’t exist.

What happened to God will protect his people? I don’t see any god protecting anyone in the Middle East and I mean on both sides. There’s been a few Lebanese civillians killed, and there’s been a few Isreali killed and I doubt the reason for those deaths would be because they didn’t believe in their god enough. The reason, I suppose, is they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

From as far as I can remember, there’s always been some sort of conflict between the Arabs and Isreals. I always thought that the whole conflict was about the “holy” city and the West Bank [or was it the South Bank?] that Isreal took from the Palestinians. That’s a very simplified reason, I know, I got it from my sauces, hence it can’t be 100% true.

[before you point out the typo, it’s not exactly a typo. I have my sauces you know, fish sauce, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce… I’m no professional journalist hence I ain’t have sources, I have sauces, see I’m sooo witty :D]

So I went on searching for the answer, just out of curiosity and also to confirm my possibly-wrong assumption that all this ugly bloody war is a holy war for a holy city. And man was I wrong.

There is no exact reason. Or rather, I couldn’t find an exact reason. Some sources say that this started since the crusades in whenever as depicted in that movie with Orlando Bloom [what was it? city of heaven? Oh, Kingdom of Heaven]. Other sources say that this all started in the 1920s with some Palestinian riots at, guess where, Jerusalem. So this might not be a holy war for a holy city but it sure looks like that and it did start in the stupid holy city.

See what havoc religions can wreak by just labelling some piece of land “holy”? Especially when 2 religions label one piece of land holy. People can’t share, it’s in our instinct, we’re all selfish primates born full of ID like Freud said.

If you’re still unconvinced that this pointless bloody war is a “holy” war, I’ll leave you with this, Hezbollah, the group of people who Isreal is eradicating with some collateral damage, can be translated into Party of God.

Should there be a separation between religion and politics?


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