disturbing fairy tale

I’ve always thought that Sleeping Beauty is the most useless princess of all the Disney’s princesses. Other princesses like Snow White or Cinderella have to go through some sort of ordeal and then meet their Prince. What does Sleeping Beauty have to do? She only needs to listen to her fairy god mothers and not get near any spindles. But no she has to prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep and wait for her prince to rescue her. My point is, she doesn’t do anything!

That was one of the reason why I picked up a fairy tale retelling trilogy which retells “sleeping beauty” with a twist. The main reason was that those books were written by Anne Rice. I was thinking, what can Anne Rice bring to a boring story of a sleeping princess? I have nothing to lose by reading that trilogy so I started reading it and gave up after about 4 chapters.

What can Anne Rice bring indeed! She made a boring girly fairy tale into a disturbing tale that I will never never even touch again. What she did was, instead of Beauty being woken up by the Prince’s kiss, she woke up when the Prince raped her. Then the fairy tale took a nose dive into the sadomasochistic sex realm which was where I gave up reading and mentally threw the book down the toilet. I prefer the Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty, thank you!


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