yes, I’m still alive

I hate to disappoint but I am in fact still alive. I was so very damn happy with my exam results that I stopped doing everything uni-related and found myself some extremely good books and sat down and read them.

Do you know that Fight Club the movie was first a novel? Yeah, it’s a novel by a Chuck Palahniuk [really weird family name if you ask me]. Fight club is on my favourite movie list and it’s probably one of my top 5. And no, I don’t really like blood and violence that much. And no, I really don’t find the pseudo-philosophy of the movie particularly appealingl. But I like Fight Club anyway because it is FUNNY. The book is definitely better than the movie and probably took me less time to finish too.

During the break I had a chance to watch Donnie Darko again. Hell, I still couldn’t make up my mind if the movie is a sci-fi movie about time travel or if it’s just a thriller about a disturbed teenager. So in order to make up my mind I went to Wikipedia to read up on this. As it turned out, the director’s cut version is longer and hence has more time to develop the plot. Now I’m definitely sure that this is a movie about time travel. I should really get one of those director’s cut version to watch next holiday.


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