scary toy

3vil g3nius was up early this morning, well, early enough to catch the last half hour or so of Toasted TV anyway. What 3vil g3nius noticed during that half hour was that, one third of the half hour was devoted to toy ads. That’s a staggering amount of time if you ask me. Anyhow, the toys were scary. There was this remote controlled, fully motorized crawling baby that looked like it’s contemplating murdering the kid who’s holding the remote control. Too bad I can’t find a picture of that murderous doll on the internet. That ad scared the sleep out of me.
And then there was the creepy Barbie face.
Barbie dolls with fully intact bodies with hands and unnaturally long legs I can stand, just the face is out of the question. What’s more? There are make up underneath the face so that kids can paint on the face or on their faces.
This is what Walmart said about this toy

With unique 3-d faces and hair, cool makeup, body jewelry and more, the Barbie Fashion Fever compact styling face gives girls everything they need to create a variety of different looks. Includes body jewelry, lip gloss, eye shadow and liner. Blonde hair.

Note that this is for kids from age 5-10. What the hell kind of message are these people trying to get across? Would you give your girls who is eight make-up to play with? Next you’ll be buying them high heels for their 9th birthday.


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