Costello hearts Howard

Another direct result of my getting up early this morning was I got the scoop on the Sunrise team’s gossip on the ‘conspiracy’ behind Tom Cruise’s daughter, Suri and caught a few pieces of news of the Howard-Costello relationship leadership debate.

The relationship between Howard and Costello at the moment is like a bad marriage. Both want to wear the pants but there is only one a pair. So after 10+ years, Costello has had enough and said “I want to wear the pants now before I’m too old to fit in them”. Little John wouldn’t want to hear anything about it. He’s fond of those pants and he’s grown attached to them these past years. So Costello called Howard a liar and the press got a field day.

Meanwhile, Kim Beastly Beazley is rubbing his hand and do that ‘mwa ha ha ha ha’ laugh that those evil villains do.

Seriously, Howard and Costello should have kept their feud under wrap. It’s bad for the image of the party if their leaders are at odds with one another on national TV. But then they might have been keeping their feud under wrap for a few years now and Costello has finally had it. You can’t blame Costello for it though. Poor guy, playing the bridemaid for so long in hope that Johnnie would kept his promise.

The whole thing just makes me wonder. So it’s ok if John Howard lied to the whole nation [children overboard incidence] but it’s not ok if he lied to the treasurer. Talking about double standard.


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