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Question: Is this another atheist rant?
Answer: no, are you disappointed? The truth is, I can’t just rant on and on about the nonexistence of god. That’s a bit weird. Can’t I just state that god does not exist and move on to some other topics? But don’t be discouraged, I’ll be back with a vengence before long
Question: Are you gonna talk about “crises” again? Don’t get me wrong, I love your wits and all but you suck when you talk about politics.
Answer: well thank you! I’m extremely motivated by your question and I will treat you to another crisis post. No, really, do you really need ME to tell you about thing that you can read in the newspaper?
Question: So what the heck are you gonna write about?
Answer: um… something?

So I’ve come to this point in blogging when I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Isn’t that sad? the 3vil g3nius has nothing to talk about. Let’s talk about what I’m doing now.

  • I’m on a break, a break that will end this week. Grrr, I hate uni. Have I told you how much I hate uni? May be not. Here’s a piece of wisdom from a one-semester uni veteran: uni sucks.
  • I’m reading a psychology book and it’s one of the reasons why uni sucks. I have to do psychology next semester and write an essay. You know I just love essays. Anyhow, I’m convinced that Freud, for all his genius, was sexually frustrated. Extremely so. Read his Psychoanalytical personality theory. He made everyone out to be seeking to have sex and produce offsprings. What’s with the Oepidus complex? That’s just sick! I get the Id, ego and superego theory. It’s neat but sex motivates everything? That’s just too sick! How does he explain homosexual people then? No, don’t answer that.
  • I’m sleeping 12 hours a day. The problem with sleeping so much is that when you wake up all you want is to go back to sleep. Sleeping is my absolute favourite hobby. For me sleep can solve everything. Some people turn to food or drugs or whatever for comfort, I turn to sleep. At least I won’t be a drug junkie or an obese person right? See I do see the brighter sides of things from time to time.

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