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honesty might not always be the best policy

July 31, 2006

This happened to me a few weeks back. I know I call myself truevil and all but really, I almost always use the normal moral codes. After this particular incident, I was seriously considering honesty is not the best policy.

I’m at uni and my course requires practical classes. These classes usually last for 3 hours. My motto for prac classes is “let’s get this bitch over with and get the hell out of here” and it serves me well. I usually finish the prac 1 hour early if I get a demonstrator who has the same motto for prac classes.

In my opinion, there are 2 types of demonstrators. The sympathetic deomonstrators and the not so sypathetic demonstrators. The sympathetic ones usually just tell us lazy bums student the answer and let us get the hell out of the lab so that he/she can get the hell out of the lab. The not so sympathetic ones just don’t do that.

Not only did I have the not-so-sympathetic demonstrator that particular day, the lecture materials for the prac that we were supposed to be doing wouldn’t be covered until the end of the semester. So I went there with basically a blank mind, which is usually the state of my mind every single prac anyway.

So I did my usual magic of finishing the practical part of the prac in one hour and wrote up the results in 3o minutes. By that time I thought I’d be out of there one hour and a half early. Man was I wrong. Not only did we get held back, we got an earful for not understanding the “mechanism of the reaction” which we hadn’t and still haven’t learned.

So where does honesty come in you might ask. Well, I confessed to the afforementioned demonstrator that I didn’t know about that particular reaction and I got an earful about how I was supposed to be on top of all the materials regardless of when it would be covered, yada yada yada… If I didn’t say anything about not knowing, I wouldn’t have to listen to that particular lecture about being on top of everything and I would have gotten out of there a whole minute earlier with my pride intact. After I got out of there, I swore I would never be honest again.

However, when I come to think about it, it wasn’t that bad really. True I got yelled at rather unjustly but then I was also at fault there for not whole heartedly prepare for the prac and for not shut my mouth when it counted. So the lessons to be learned here are:

  • Be prepared
  • Don’t incriminate yourself if you don’t have to
  • Honesty might not always be the best policy. And
  • Get thick-skinned sometimes so you don’t upset yourself.

Needless to say, I’ve been putting these lessons to use ever since.


this week’s weird blogs

July 31, 2006

Following up from last week’s extremely popular, comment attracting [2 comments in comparison to the average of 0 comment other post attracted], blogbusting success of weird blog links here’s this week’s weird blogs.

Here Now
Before you click on that link, be sure you are

  • Not homophobic
  • 18 years or above
  • Like comics books
  • Don’t normally drool when you see muscular men. [I’m just worried about the welfare of your keyboard, that’s all. And I don’t drool, ever! I might when I’m old and senile but I haven’t drool since I was 6]

Something is definitely wrong with “random” blogs today. Blogs with the general theme of half-naked men seem to pop up more than usual. This blog is, allegedly, from the Czech Republic. The author, at first glance, seems to be extremely obsessed with his body. I’m not very sure if the pictures featured there are actually pictures of the author. Why am I not sure? Let’s just say that I can’t afford to actually read the damn blog on account of it showing an excessive amount of “flesh” and I am using a university computer. How weird would it be if people catch me looking at half-naked men regardless of my sex?

Coincidental cure
This is yet another trigger-happy oops, shutter-happy asian blog. Not actually a blog really. More like a place to dumb pictures. What makes this blog qualify for the strange blogs series is the fact that the pictures were taken in Melbourne.

ilOve derrPERSON sercetlyBUDD…
I know that I’ve already posted a typical Asian blog last week but I just can’t resist posting a link to this blog. This blog is blasphamy!
First, there is the music. At first I thought that it was some sort of ringtone with someone singing but then I realized that it’s the theme song from “Laputa: the castle in the sky” which is my second favourite Hayao Miyazaki’s anime after “Spirited away”. And the singing voices sound amateurish so I suspect that those voices are of the author and her friend.
Second, there is the language. I had to practically translate the author’s version of English to plain English to understand what the hell the author was writing about. Try this:

ToDae wen ii cum to schthe weather is very windy n wan to rain so all my
classmates like very sleepy after my common test ……………… after tat i
was cal to go down wif mira to see teacher coz i nvr go to the camp n only got
two day mc so flame…………..rite
tat y i dun like to go sch litter beat
must stay bck until 6 or see parent so wierd rite………
i m dam boring at
sch like no mood to study………………but nvrm bear for 1 more yearthern ii
cn do wat ii wan
the story will be contiune ……………………….

Jesus H. Christ! Instead of ‘today when I come’ (which is grammartically incorrect since it should be today when I came), she had ‘ToDae wen ii cum’ which freaked me out a bit when I first saw it considering the definition of the verb “cum”.
I know the story “will be contiune…” but I’m not sure I have the courage to return to this blog. One good thing though, it doesn’t have any pictures.

2 weeks and counting

July 27, 2006

Yeah, it’s the Middle East conflict again. Is there anytime when there isn’t any sort of conflict in the Middle East? I wasn’t gonna do a post on this topic since I was convinced that no good would have come out of this conflict. However, my sauces point out to me that this is an oportunity to rant about religions without using my usual approach of religions = illogical hence God doesn’t exist.

What happened to God will protect his people? I don’t see any god protecting anyone in the Middle East and I mean on both sides. There’s been a few Lebanese civillians killed, and there’s been a few Isreali killed and I doubt the reason for those deaths would be because they didn’t believe in their god enough. The reason, I suppose, is they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

From as far as I can remember, there’s always been some sort of conflict between the Arabs and Isreals. I always thought that the whole conflict was about the “holy” city and the West Bank [or was it the South Bank?] that Isreal took from the Palestinians. That’s a very simplified reason, I know, I got it from my sauces, hence it can’t be 100% true.

[before you point out the typo, it’s not exactly a typo. I have my sauces you know, fish sauce, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce… I’m no professional journalist hence I ain’t have sources, I have sauces, see I’m sooo witty :D]

So I went on searching for the answer, just out of curiosity and also to confirm my possibly-wrong assumption that all this ugly bloody war is a holy war for a holy city. And man was I wrong.

There is no exact reason. Or rather, I couldn’t find an exact reason. Some sources say that this started since the crusades in whenever as depicted in that movie with Orlando Bloom [what was it? city of heaven? Oh, Kingdom of Heaven]. Other sources say that this all started in the 1920s with some Palestinian riots at, guess where, Jerusalem. So this might not be a holy war for a holy city but it sure looks like that and it did start in the stupid holy city.

See what havoc religions can wreak by just labelling some piece of land “holy”? Especially when 2 religions label one piece of land holy. People can’t share, it’s in our instinct, we’re all selfish primates born full of ID like Freud said.

If you’re still unconvinced that this pointless bloody war is a “holy” war, I’ll leave you with this, Hezbollah, the group of people who Isreal is eradicating with some collateral damage, can be translated into Party of God.

Should there be a separation between religion and politics?

How do vampires work?

July 25, 2006

If you actually monitor my all consuming panel on the left hand side of this blog somewhere, you’ll see that I read quite a lot of vampire/werewolf novels. It was a natural progression from fantasy novels. I’ve read quite a few, if you ever want my advice on what’s good and what’s not, ask me.
What I don’t get is how do vampires work? Now, different series have different types of vampire but in the whole they all agree on these points:

  • Vampires are undead.
  • They don’t breathe
  • They don’t have a heart beat.

The undead concept baffles me but not as much as the whole “no breath” concept. If they don’t have respiratory functions, how the hell do they talk? In the last episode of Buffy season 1, that episode when Buffy died for the first time due to drowning, Angel couldn’t do CPR [due to lack of aforementioned breath] but he could talk just fine. How does that work? It’d be more logical if all the vampires have those machines that talk for them in monotone, but then that would shatter the image of mysterious, sexy vampires, wouldn’t it?

Vampires’ hearts don’t work. So I assume they don’t have a blood circulation since there’s no pump to pump anything. So then what’s the purpose of eating [ie. sucking blood] if there is no mean to distribute the nutrients [ie. some poor victim’s blood] throughout the body?

I suppose logic and fictions don’t mix that well.

while I was surfing…

July 24, 2006

This is a new series of posts that I hope I’ll have time to keep up here. Basically, it’s gonna be a collection of strange blogs that I come across when surfing.
I have this habit of clicking on the next blog button on the blogger bar. It’s useful for discovering blogs I suppose. Not so useful when people deliberately hide the goddamn bar. I hate blogs that hide that bar. Why can’t the authors leave the damn bar where it’s supposed to be? I get crossed everytime I come across such blogs.

Here’s an example. += I Leave in A Moment of Mine =+
I think the author meant “I live in a moment of mine”. Beware, this is a typical asian blog which means heaps of personal pictures, heaps of fancy scripts. I didn’t know you can make your pictures roll on the blog. But then again. I hate posting pictures so there’s no point learning how to make them roll.
Things to watch out for in this blog:

  • The number of pictures with some kind of birthday cakes
  • Pictures of Asian boysband “hotties” [who, in my humble opinion, look way too feminine to be male]
  • Weird grammar and
  • lots of “…”

So that’s an Asian flavoured blog. Next, an ambitous project by an unnamed author. I am proud to present, the biography of Paris Hilton.
Gosh, I laughed so hard when I came across that blog. I always believe that Paris Hilton should really get a life that doesn’t have anything to do with being an airhead, oops, I mean heiress. But whoever writes this blog is seriously in need of getting a life. Why not write a biography of anyone who has even a smidgen of talent. Anyone but Paris Hilton who is just a spoilt rich brat.

The next blog is interesting, eye-catching. All thanks to a picture of a chopped up, very dead mermaid. This blog deserves extra credit from me for not removing the blogger bar. Usually with blogs this “modified”, the bar would have been removed. But then I suspect that this blog has some links to a few pop-up windows that suddenly …popped up the moment I opened the blog. No extra credit then.

question of the day

July 19, 2006

Do you know that the first reported cases of HIV are from chimpanzees? I mean HIV was first observed in chimpanzee in the 1930s. My question of the day is, how did it get to human if the it can only be transmitted through sexual intercourse and blood sharing?

By the time I finished forming that question I’ve got a pretty good answer. I suppose someone was a sicko and actually did it with a chimpanzee. That’s the most obvious answer I can think of. However, researchers in the 1930s didn’t agree with me.

• Researchers believe that sometime in the 1930s a form of simian
immunodeficiency virus (SIV) jumped to humans who butchered or ate chimpanzee
bush meat in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The virus becomes HIV-1 the most
widespread form found today.

Is it just me or did you come to the same conclusion I did?

disturbing fairy tale

July 19, 2006

I’ve always thought that Sleeping Beauty is the most useless princess of all the Disney’s princesses. Other princesses like Snow White or Cinderella have to go through some sort of ordeal and then meet their Prince. What does Sleeping Beauty have to do? She only needs to listen to her fairy god mothers and not get near any spindles. But no she has to prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep and wait for her prince to rescue her. My point is, she doesn’t do anything!

That was one of the reason why I picked up a fairy tale retelling trilogy which retells “sleeping beauty” with a twist. The main reason was that those books were written by Anne Rice. I was thinking, what can Anne Rice bring to a boring story of a sleeping princess? I have nothing to lose by reading that trilogy so I started reading it and gave up after about 4 chapters.

What can Anne Rice bring indeed! She made a boring girly fairy tale into a disturbing tale that I will never never even touch again. What she did was, instead of Beauty being woken up by the Prince’s kiss, she woke up when the Prince raped her. Then the fairy tale took a nose dive into the sadomasochistic sex realm which was where I gave up reading and mentally threw the book down the toilet. I prefer the Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty, thank you!

scammers must think we have crap for brain

July 17, 2006

I was a little bored so I went to check my spam mail box. Ok, the truth is I didn’t get any email so I checked my spam mail, what’s so bad about that?
Anyway, I found this ridiculous spam.

Dear Friend,
I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise but honestly I do not
intend to surprise you. In introduction my name is Richard Uduku I write this
letter in respect of my intention to transfer and invest the sum
of US$18,000,000.00 in your company which I inherited from my Father who was a Politician and oil/Gold dealer from Guinea Bissau .But unfortunately he was shot
dead by his political opponent during one of his business trip to Cote D Ivoire.
I am now left with my only surviving mother who unfortunately has been
critically ill since 2 months after the death of my father because of the shock
of his late husband’s death. And because of how my dad’s political opponents has
been trying to eliminate our entire family, I then had to run out of my country
with my mum for our dear lives.
The fund in question is now with the Financial Firm where it was deposited
and all it’s Documents are still intact with me. In view of this plight, I
expect you to be trust worthy and kind enough to assist me ,I hereby agree to
compensate your sincere and candideffort in this regard with 20% of the total
fund and 5% for expenses,which may arise during the transaction.
Whatever your decision is please contact me immediately through this email
Best Regards.
Richard U.F

This is good enough material for a soap opera. What’s with politician dad got axed by political opponent and a mother who’s critically ill. And they have 18 millions bucks which they can’t access and have to ask for MY help! The whole spam just yells SCAM at you, doesn’t it? Even my webmail client has enough sense to put this in the spam box.
These scammers must be either really dumb to come up with this scenario or they think that we have crap for brain.

yes, I’m still alive

July 15, 2006

I hate to disappoint but I am in fact still alive. I was so very damn happy with my exam results that I stopped doing everything uni-related and found myself some extremely good books and sat down and read them.

Do you know that Fight Club the movie was first a novel? Yeah, it’s a novel by a Chuck Palahniuk [really weird family name if you ask me]. Fight club is on my favourite movie list and it’s probably one of my top 5. And no, I don’t really like blood and violence that much. And no, I really don’t find the pseudo-philosophy of the movie particularly appealingl. But I like Fight Club anyway because it is FUNNY. The book is definitely better than the movie and probably took me less time to finish too.

During the break I had a chance to watch Donnie Darko again. Hell, I still couldn’t make up my mind if the movie is a sci-fi movie about time travel or if it’s just a thriller about a disturbed teenager. So in order to make up my mind I went to Wikipedia to read up on this. As it turned out, the director’s cut version is longer and hence has more time to develop the plot. Now I’m definitely sure that this is a movie about time travel. I should really get one of those director’s cut version to watch next holiday.

Costello hearts Howard

July 12, 2006

Another direct result of my getting up early this morning was I got the scoop on the Sunrise team’s gossip on the ‘conspiracy’ behind Tom Cruise’s daughter, Suri and caught a few pieces of news of the Howard-Costello relationship leadership debate.

The relationship between Howard and Costello at the moment is like a bad marriage. Both want to wear the pants but there is only one a pair. So after 10+ years, Costello has had enough and said “I want to wear the pants now before I’m too old to fit in them”. Little John wouldn’t want to hear anything about it. He’s fond of those pants and he’s grown attached to them these past years. So Costello called Howard a liar and the press got a field day.

Meanwhile, Kim Beastly Beazley is rubbing his hand and do that ‘mwa ha ha ha ha’ laugh that those evil villains do.

Seriously, Howard and Costello should have kept their feud under wrap. It’s bad for the image of the party if their leaders are at odds with one another on national TV. But then they might have been keeping their feud under wrap for a few years now and Costello has finally had it. You can’t blame Costello for it though. Poor guy, playing the bridemaid for so long in hope that Johnnie would kept his promise.

The whole thing just makes me wonder. So it’s ok if John Howard lied to the whole nation [children overboard incidence] but it’s not ok if he lied to the treasurer. Talking about double standard.