in which I do nothing

I must say the last 2 days were the most relaxing days for the past month. Nothing to worry about, no crisis to attend to, nothing's wrong with the world except for the North Korean trying to nuke the US with some long-range missiles and every other nations jump in to condemn North Korea. Seriously, the US should have known that those North Korean hate the US's gut and would prepare to kick its ass anytime. Imagine what it would be like if the North Korean team up with Al Quaeda?
Ok, back to my selfish, relaxing world. I've re-discover the joy of doing nothing. Well, not exactly doing nothing because I was still breathing, eating and well producing excrement. I had nothing to do and the TV became my best friend again. Somehow my sister managed to borrow the first few seasons of Buffy and Dark Angel and we did this Buffy and Dark Angel marathon from 8 am to 5 pm. That was heaven! Oops, there is no heaven I forgot. I believe, when you die, you'll just die. Your body stop functioning, no more action potential in any of your cells and conciousness just went out like you turn off a light. You don't become ghost to haunt the living, you don't go to a higher plane, ie heaven or hell. You just die. I believe that. There is no proof for that of course but that sounds logical to my brain. More logical than some omnipotent guy with a "master plan" for my life who put me here on earth so that I can do good in order to be reunite with him in heaven. Oh, I would also like to point out that god isn't very merciful. Why else would he put people in eternal damnation? If he's merciful he wouldn't do that. And if he's omnipotent at all he would already know how people will turn out, ie. good or bad, before he makes them. So why does he make bad people? God just doesn't make sense!
Ok, I've been rambling a bit but hopefully that makes sense right?
I've finally had enough with soccer. Or rather with those commentators on SBS. I am sick of people commentating before the match, during the match, at half-time, and at the end of the match. Not to mention a day after the match. I'm more focused on who wins and who loses. Isn't that what's this whole tournament about? Who cares about set pieces and scoring first will put you in the lead? Of course scoring first will put you in the lead what the heck else would it put you in? the back? Commentators are those who get paid for stating the absolutely obvious.


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