in which I reflect on the events of the past week a week too late

I have only 2 more exams. After this week I’ll shred all my notes into tiny pieces and burn them and then scatter the ash into the toilet. That’s how much I love my notes and my exams.
So after one week of crazy cramming and stressing, I’ve missed out on a few important thing. Well, actually there’s only one important event last week. Australia won! I’m glad I watched the replay and not the live match. I watched the last 10 minutes only. Kind of cheating but I didn’t really have time. So Australia’s got its first win EVER at a World Cup final. That win is making the fans here a bit overconfident. Here, now, there’s talk about how Australia’s gonna kick Brazil’s ass on Monday. I mean, be realistic people! We might have won Japan but Brazil is not just another Japan. The best I think that Australia’s gonna do on Monday is a draw.

To another matter. Yesterday I was on the weirdest bus ride ever! Imagine this, on the bus there were a Bruce Willis look-alike, a Jack Black look-alike, only he was blonde, 3 anorexic girls who looked like they could eat 3 cows and still look anorexic and guess who they looked like? Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton minus the lap dogs of course and last but not least 3 big strapping guys who looked like chimpanzees and laughed like hyenas and who would probably have the IQ equivalence of a cow. Talking about weirdos.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, on the bus there was this extremely evil person who pretended that there weren’t anybody around. Talking about weird!


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