I’m back

But the exams aren’t finished yet. The fat lady won’t sing until the end of next week.
I’m back to rant about my extremely bad beginning of the day. The thing is, the today is the Queen’s birthday. Public holiday in Victoria. I didn’t know that! I mean that I know there’s day called Queen’s birthday and I got a day off every year for that. But this year, due to my delusional state and the ensuing dash to cram stuff in my head for my exams, I forgot.
So there I was, happy as a lark going to the train station to catch a train. When I reached the station, the train had already gone. 4 minutes before it was supposed to be there! So I cursed Connex [silently] and worried my head, together with all the stuff I crammed in, off. Then my mum pointed out that today is the Queen’s birthday and the train runs on Sundays’ schedule. In the end, she had to drive me to Caulfield to sit my exam.
There. Isn’t that bad? Isn’t it? Why do I have to sit an exam on a holiday. Why do trains run on Sundays’ schedule on holiday? Why oh why?


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