friendly links

A totally unoriginal idea of mine. I think I ripped it off some guy. He called it "mercy links" I call it "friendly links". "Mercy" seems a bit stuck-up for me, not that I’m thinking that guy who invented "mercy links" is a stuck up or anything. So here goes some links, totally unrelated to anything. I found some of these by pressing "next blog".
Mike Antonucci – the guy who put a link to my blog on his blog. All thanks to my stint at digging up the dirt on the Da Vinci Code and Dan Brown.
English diary – this one I came across by chance. A diary of sort by some girl, I think, and it’s in English. What more do you want? By the way, it’s in, sometimes, strange English. I think the girl’s doing ESL or something.
The life of a belly dancer wanna-be – what more can I say? The blog name says it all. Extremely funny though.
Cut on the bias – in words of the author: " God, evil and about half of everything in between." So that’s about everything hey?
What happened to my country? – I think the answer to that question is George Bush but then that’s a general answer for many questions these days. A blog on America politics.
Acts of Gord – an extremely funny website. By the way, this Gord has nothing to do with Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease.
So that’s it for this edition of "friendly links" I’ll be back with more links after my exams.


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