exams, aren’t you excited?

I know everyone’s is extremely excited about exams, just like I am.
By the way, I’m being extremely sarcastic.
I was just being on the internet doing nothing, trying to forget about the “excitement” of the approaching exams when this window popped up out of nowhere. It’s from a page called Pills library. And it’s about the top 100 drugs probably from America. Anyway, the drug that tops the list is Anamine. That got me thinking alright. This Pillslibrary.com smells fishy. What kind of organisation would advertise itself through pop-up windows apart from all the porn websites?
So I clicked on the Anamine link. No wonder why it’s the most popular drug. Anamine is the chewable tablet for Pseudoephedrine which is the starting material for the syntesis of Amphetamines.
Weird. This is the first time ever I’ve applied what I learned from uni to real life. Who says first year uni is totally useless? It’s only about 90% so.
Still on the topic of exams, here’s something to cheer you people who have to sit exams up:
Blessed is he who expects nothing for he will never be disappointed
My point is, don’t expect anything. This worked great for me last year.


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