News flash

Here’s a couple of pieces of news

Mischa Barton’s dead
Or rather her character Marissa Cooper is. Very dead. There’s no resurrection in the OC I’m afraid.
My feelings towards this piece of news: great, she’s dead too bad the other characters are still alive and kicking. Can’t they be all dead so that the whole show’s gonna be finished. This is just another meaningless show that has every intention of promoting sex in highschool. And promoting what I call the little-school-bag syndrome. What’s with the school bags? They’re in highschool for god’s sake. They should be carrying something. All I saw was tiny little bags that look like they don’t contain anything. What sort of school is that? Oh, I forgot. This school only promote sex. You need no books for that. Stupid me.

Stupid or sadistic?
This is a piece of local Australian news. A single mother left her kid in the care of her boyfriend. The genius boyfriend spilt some liquid on the kid and to dry the kid off, he put him/her in a tumble dryer. The result was a very dry kid with bruises and burns.
What I don’t get is: Is the boyfriend stupid or what? Hasn’t he heard of paper towels or towels. Nah, no one’s this stupid. I think the guy is a sadistic. A stupid sadistic at that. He’s in jail and the kid’s in hospital. The mother, well, I don’t know where the mother is actually. She should really stop trusting her boyfriends until they can be proven trustworthy and sadistic + stupid-less.

IVF shambles
This is worse than normal babies mix-up that we’ve heard of in the past of course. Usually babies are given to the wrong mother after their birth. This time it’s more like a sperm mix-up. The couple who tried to have a baby through IVF got twins. However, the twins aren’t the products of their eggs and sperms. This is of course devastating. You can’t just go back to the clinic and demands your money back. I just hope that this is only an isolated incidence.


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