X-men 3 – a review

Aren’t you excited X-men 3 is out? Aren’t you?
I was. I was very very excited considering how good the first 2 movies were. The third movie is a flop. A very big disappointment.
Of course Jean is back but how does she get back? The movie offer a very lame answer to that. I was thinking along the line of she got abducted by Magneto but maybe that’s just me. What’s so bad about this movie is that it doesn’t use any of its potentials. I love the character Rogue. Isn’t she cool? In the comics she is cooler that cool, hyper-cool. In this movie, she’s a teenager who just wants to be a normal teenager ie. she wants to lose her power. And what’s with the guy with the wings. I thought he’s gonna play some moderately major role in this movie, as it turned out, he’s only in less than 5 scenes and has only about a dozen lines.

Warning: major spoiler ahead

All that was ok with me because I like Jean. However, by the end of the movie, she’s dead again. This time it’s final. Jean’s not gonna be resurrected. Oh, by the way, Scot and Xavier’s dead too. Maybe it’s so that they don’t need to hire all those extra characters for the next movie which is gonna be a spin off movie with only Wolverine.
And heaps of character’s gonna lose their power. Heaps.
The plot was a disaster, of course, the special effects were great. Too bad it can’t be substituted for the plot.
My ratings: 1/5


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