Dear Bertwood eat fish

I know that this post doesn’t deserve to be a post, more like a reply to a comment but, I think that Bertwood eat fish never really checks out all the comments so I’ll make it easier for him.
Dear Bertwood eat fish, I think you should eat more red meat. You obviously need it considering you went through 200 google search results to find one of my posts and didn’t. I’m touched. However don’t go alienate those people who as you said

someone is really sad to go through all those web sites and more to get to your site just to find out what you think about it

I have already alienated them enough I think. Those poor unsuspecting people who went googling for some dirt on da vinci code and got my hateful ramblings. My blog is probably on their I’ll-never-visit-this-shithole again list.


4 Responses to “Dear Bertwood eat fish”

  1. bertwood eat fish Says:

    dear 3vil g3nius,
    just for the record, i’m a strick fish eater. i eat all types of fish:
    flying fish (gives me wings)
    rainbow fish (makes me colourful)
    demon fish (makes me evil, you should try some 😉
    belly fish (makes me fat)
    sewer fish (makes me talk crap)
    and finally:
    meat fish (my source of red meat 😀
    (oh yeah… and those people are sad sad sad!)

  2. 3vil g3nius Says:

    hey bertwood. Are you Japanese by any chance. You seem to eat an awful lot of fish.
    And it’s not like fish is that good for you anyway. Have you heard about the high concentration of mercury in fish these days. But you can always mask the taste of mercury with lots of MSG huh?
    I’m concerned.

  3. Stacy Says:

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  4. Robert Says:

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