NO, no more Beacon field!

Remember the 2 miners stuck in the gold mine in Beacon Field who got out some time last week? If you haven’t heard of those two I can only think of 3 reasons:

  • you don’t live in australia
  • you live in australia but you don’t watch the news
  • you live in a hole somewhere, without access to TV, the news or the internet (hey wait a minute, how can you read my blog then?)

Anyhow, those guys got stuck in a real hole for 2 weeks and we outside the hole got bombarded with information about those 2 got stuck in the goddamn hole for 2 weeks. Yes I know it’s not nice to say so but, why can’t the people get enough of those two already. I can sympathise with those two got stuck in a hole without TV or internet for 2 weeks but my sympathy is limited. News about those two is just all over. They even cut the weather segment on breakfast shows to show the two-week “rescue” live on TV. By the time they got those guys out of the hole, I was thinking “thank god those two are out, now those bloody TV channels can get to the normal program”. Please don’t point out the paradox of an atheist thanking god. It’s just a habit of mine.
And now, after getting 3 million dollars to tell their story on TV, is there nothing else we haven’t known after 2 weeks of bombardment from every possible news programs in Australia? This time it’s a two-hour interview on Nine. Two-hour! What can they possibly talk about? How they grew up? What’s next? The autobiographies of 2 guys who got stuck in a hole.
Nothing against those two but there is such a thing that is called too much publicity. I have had enough. Is there anyone that feel the same?


2 Responses to “NO, no more Beacon field!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hey! u no wat, day get taxed on dat 3 million or so, witch n’s up bean a bits 1.2 mill’s… don u wissss day get taxed more!!!!!!!!!

  2. 3vil g3nius Says:

    Yeah, they should be taxed more. What did they do? Got stuck in a hole for 2 weeks and half of that time they demanded food, water and music brought down to them. Besides I’m pretty sure they’re gonna sue whoever was responsible and win and then get heaps of compensation anyhow.
    But then there are new claims that their health are affected by the ordeal. So I’m not even sure if they deserved to be taxed or not. According to the government, anyone living and earning are taxable so you go figure.

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