the weirdest connection

I checked my mail today, as I always do everyday except for the days I don’t do that. And in my mail, apart from the usual junks and spam there’s an email from a travel blog site. I don’t recall registering with a travel site so that was weird. The email basically invites me to visit a travel site and the reason for them contacting me was this:

I am contacting you because I was browsing your blog and saw you had an interest in swimming so thought you may be interested in our site.

What kind of twisted logic do they have? Is there a connection between swimming and travelling? Well, if I’m a whale then there might be a very strong connection. I might have the same ancestor as whales a few million years ago and that’s a very short time! I might be interested in swimming but I only go swimming about once a year, average. But then again, this might just be another of those computer generated emails and computers can’t think.


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