Windows Live Mail beta – Review

I did a review, sort of, of Yahoo! Mail beta  a few days ago, if you missed that, well, I don’t know what’s wrong with your eyes.
Anyway, I received the invitation to try out Windows Live Mail beta in the weekend. That’s really fast. I was on the waiting list for about 2 days. Previously Windows Live Mail beta was known as Hotmail Kahuna. I must say the new name is a much better one. What are they thinking when they named it Hotmail Kahuna?
The new Hotmail looks completely different. Same with Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail is striving for the feel and look of the offline email program like Outlook express or Thunderbird. And it did spectacularly. It looks clean and modern coz you can organise everything into columns.
I started my webmail experience with Hotmail ages ago. Eventually I changed to Yahoo due to the wacky spam filtering system Hotmail had. The system Hotmail seemed to had adopted was to put every thing into the spam box and the user can choose the one that is not spam. Yahoo, on the other hand, back in the old days, seemed to adopt the approach of putting everything into the inbox and then the user can choose what is spam. Which one is better? I suppose the Yahoo’s way was better. At least you wouldn’t miss anything.
So far I haven’t received any spam in my Hotmail yet. Don’t know if it’s because of a new spam filtering system or because I’m not on any spammer’s list.
Hotmail, surprisingly, works fine with dial-up connection, unlike Yahoo! Mail beta. So that is a big plus for it. However, I wouldn’t recommend Hotmail over Gmail. Gmail is great! So far I haven’t received a single spam. The stuff I’ve got in my Gmail spam is usually the spam I signed up for. Plus, Gmail works fine with dial-up and it works great with Firefox. Go Gmail!


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