Yahoo! mail beta

Last month I did a post on the beta tests Yahoo and Hotmail are having for their new web mail clients. Today I have finally received the “invite” sort of from Yahoo to switch my mailbox to the new Yahoo beta mail. And I jumped to do it.
The new mail box was good looking enough. It looks like an off-line email client like Outlook express or Thunderbird. But it is different. There’s an option for you to subscribe to RSS feeds for people addicted to reading blogs like me. That is actually what I’ve always wanted. Of course I’ve heard of Bloglines and the like but that means I have to log on at another site to read my RSS feeds and then log on at my normal mailbox to read my mails. So that is very convenient.
However, there’s a down side to all this. I have dial-up at home and sadly the new Yahoo mailbox doesn’t exactly agree with my bandwidth, or lack thereof. I couldn’t load the mailbox and had to switch back to the old Yahoo mailbox. Damn.
I didn’t have this problem with Gmail. Gmail is the best. If only they can integrate the RSS feeds into the mailbox too instead of leaving it at the personalised google page.
About Hotmail Kahuna. I’m still waiting for the invite. Hopefully it’ll be less of a disaster on dial-up connections.


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