I’ve just installed another of the statistic code on my blog last week just to check out the service. Anyhow, I went on and found out that I’ve been having a lot of visits from the US. My first thought: "cool, people’s reading my blog finally" and it’s a good thing too. Anyway, I checked the stats anyhow and a lot of hits has been from my posts on "the Da Vinci code". Ironic, anyone? I’ve been dissing  "the Da Vinci Code" if you haven’t notice. But then I suppose "the Da Vinci code" has helped to get more visitors to my blog. Um…, should I stop dissing it?
I’m writing this from Melbourne Uni, on a fabulous Macintosh computer. I’ve just realised that my blog looks good on a Mac browser. Don’t really know why. Probably everything looks good on a Mac. Anyway, I was at Melbourne Uni yesterday, in the basement of the library. Yes, there is a basement, it’s pretty warm down there (please don’t attach any sexually meanings to this because I mean it the non-sexual way). Anyhow, I was in the basement, I needed to use the toilet. Found the toilet. Went in. One cubicle was taken. I thought, "cool, I have the choice of the 4 cubicles that aren’t occipied". So I chose one and went in. As I was going in, two voices coming out from the occupied cubicle. TWO! TWO! I thought "how is that possible? How?". Even though my mind was plagued with that nagging question, I didn’t wait around to find out how is that possible. In I went to my own cubicle. ALONE.
By the way, the two people in the other cubicle were speaking in Chinese so I don’t know what the heck they were talking about. However, I know enough Chinese, Mandarin, to know that none of them utter the phrase "I love you". Satisfied?
I would also want to state the fact that I have absolutely nothing against homosexual people. Some of them are actually nicer than some straight. My philosophy is if you’re happy with whatever, stick with it.


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