mission impossible 3: truly impossible to comprehend

A few things that defy comprehension:

  • How the voice change gadget works when it’s just a bandage size sticker and how do they upload files to that bandage-sized thing when it is so tiny?
  • what kind of a sensible secret agent would marry when he is still in service? (well, apart from Arnold in True Lie)
  • What kind of a sensible secret agent would bring their spouse to their work place ie: the office of a top secret government agency?
  • And last but not least, what the hell is the rabbit foot?

There are more wrong things in this movie but the above list is what I truly don’t understand. Hell, the movie was bad as far as spy movies go. I was hooked from the start because I want to find out what is this "rabbit foot" weapon. In the end I don’t know what it is. I suspect the writer or writers or producers or director of this movie don’t know either. They probably have run out of ideas for weapon of mass destruction. I suspect they were counting on George Bush finding some in Iraq and then just steal the name and put it on film. Too bad George didn’t find any.
What else is wrong with this movie? I don’t know, the plot? It’s the trademark convoluted plot of MI but this time the whole plot was lost on me. Maybe I am just slow. But the producers should have taken into account people who are slow to understand convoluted plots like me.
So as far as I am concerned, this movie is a total disaster. I’ll give it 0.5/5. Don’t really know where the 0.5 is from but I am too nice to give it a big fat 0.
I had a good time, no thanks to this movie though. I saw the trailer for "Pirates of the Caribbean" before the movie was shown. I’d seen the teaser before but that was the first time I was the full trailer. The movie looks good (I mean Pirates not MI) too bad it’s out in July.


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