Now, imagine yourself as a doctor. I know some of you don’t even want to consider yourself as a doctor, I know some of you would despise being a doctor. Whatever, just imagine yourself as a doctor. If you have no imagination, I can’t help you with that.
Ok, ready? So you’ve imagined yourself as a doctor. You’re sitting in you examination room with white coat and looking extremely well educated and all, along came a kid and his parents. So far so good? Alright! The problem is the kid is obese how do you tell the parents since the parents think that the obese kid is sooo cute with his tummy sticking out of his plus size jeans and the way he huff and puff, like that wolf in the stories with the 3 little pigs, after climbing 4 stairs is adorable?
Yeah, that’s the problem. You can’t just tell them that their bundle of joy is too fat. You can’t say that the “normal” weight for a child that age is such and such because the parents will think that their “little” bundle of joy is abnormal. And you definitely can’t say that their child is too thin. What can you say? The magic word is “ideal”. That word’s gonna make the parents feel that their child is only a little bit away from the “ideal” weight (even though a little bit in this case means about 25 kg). All the while you just want to ask the parents what the hell they’re feeding this bundle of fat.
I know I’m a bit extreme and not very tolerable towards weight-challenged people but seriously, you can’t expect me to be neutral when I was crushed, squashed, suffocated or nearly so a few times on the train by some not-so-skinny people last year. And I know it is now the past but I have an excellent ability to hold a grudge.


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