my own blockbuster novel

With all the current hype about “The Da Vinci code” I suppose I’ll write a similar book with a completely different plot. How about this: my book’s gonna be called “the Michelangelo sudoku book of magic”. This book’s gonna get all the hype from the Da Vinci code, the Sudoku phenomenon and Harry Potter (hence “magic”). The main twist of this book is, should I give you the main twist? Well, hell, I’ll just give you the main twist anyway, in the book, Jesus isn’t a married man, he’s gay.
There there, I know I’m committing blasphemy but I’m an atheist for god’s sake. I’m allowed to do whatever I want as long as it’s not unlawful. Now, if there is a god and he happens to be the Catholic God I suppose I’ll see Dan Brown and all the atheists and all the gay people in the Catholic Hell. Too bad I don’t believe any of that stuff.


2 Responses to “my own blockbuster novel”

  1. Simon Says:

    Where does the magic come in?

  2. 3vil g3nius Says:

    Um, good question. I didn’t really think about that before hand. I suppose I can always find some biblical phenomenon with some hint of magic somewhere in the bible to fit in the book.

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