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News flash

May 31, 2006

Here’s a couple of pieces of news

Mischa Barton’s dead
Or rather her character Marissa Cooper is. Very dead. There’s no resurrection in the OC I’m afraid.
My feelings towards this piece of news: great, she’s dead too bad the other characters are still alive and kicking. Can’t they be all dead so that the whole show’s gonna be finished. This is just another meaningless show that has every intention of promoting sex in highschool. And promoting what I call the little-school-bag syndrome. What’s with the school bags? They’re in highschool for god’s sake. They should be carrying something. All I saw was tiny little bags that look like they don’t contain anything. What sort of school is that? Oh, I forgot. This school only promote sex. You need no books for that. Stupid me.

Stupid or sadistic?
This is a piece of local Australian news. A single mother left her kid in the care of her boyfriend. The genius boyfriend spilt some liquid on the kid and to dry the kid off, he put him/her in a tumble dryer. The result was a very dry kid with bruises and burns.
What I don’t get is: Is the boyfriend stupid or what? Hasn’t he heard of paper towels or towels. Nah, no one’s this stupid. I think the guy is a sadistic. A stupid sadistic at that. He’s in jail and the kid’s in hospital. The mother, well, I don’t know where the mother is actually. She should really stop trusting her boyfriends until they can be proven trustworthy and sadistic + stupid-less.

IVF shambles
This is worse than normal babies mix-up that we’ve heard of in the past of course. Usually babies are given to the wrong mother after their birth. This time it’s more like a sperm mix-up. The couple who tried to have a baby through IVF got twins. However, the twins aren’t the products of their eggs and sperms. This is of course devastating. You can’t just go back to the clinic and demands your money back. I just hope that this is only an isolated incidence.


X-men 3 – a review

May 29, 2006

Aren’t you excited X-men 3 is out? Aren’t you?
I was. I was very very excited considering how good the first 2 movies were. The third movie is a flop. A very big disappointment.
Of course Jean is back but how does she get back? The movie offer a very lame answer to that. I was thinking along the line of she got abducted by Magneto but maybe that’s just me. What’s so bad about this movie is that it doesn’t use any of its potentials. I love the character Rogue. Isn’t she cool? In the comics she is cooler that cool, hyper-cool. In this movie, she’s a teenager who just wants to be a normal teenager ie. she wants to lose her power. And what’s with the guy with the wings. I thought he’s gonna play some moderately major role in this movie, as it turned out, he’s only in less than 5 scenes and has only about a dozen lines.

Warning: major spoiler ahead

All that was ok with me because I like Jean. However, by the end of the movie, she’s dead again. This time it’s final. Jean’s not gonna be resurrected. Oh, by the way, Scot and Xavier’s dead too. Maybe it’s so that they don’t need to hire all those extra characters for the next movie which is gonna be a spin off movie with only Wolverine.
And heaps of character’s gonna lose their power. Heaps.
The plot was a disaster, of course, the special effects were great. Too bad it can’t be substituted for the plot.
My ratings: 1/5

the death and resurrection of my copy of windows

May 29, 2006
My windows died yesterday. Not the hard-drive, the OS itself. It died and I almost cried. It felt like the end of the world to me when there’s one line on the screen of my laptop that says "windows cannot start, please reinstall windows" or something like that.
So I had to reinstall windows and I lost every damn thing on my C drive. Everything including those pictures I post on this blog. Everything including all the software I’ve installed through out 2 years. But at least the laptop’s running now. I’ll never install those skin programs in my windows ever again. That probably messed up my windows in the first place.
Luckily, I’ve been using my D drive more than my C drive so nothing of importance apart from the softwares was lost. I still have all my mp3s in my laptop. I can definitely relate to the joy Christians feel after Jesus resurrected now. Definitely.

on the topic of attracting Google

May 28, 2006

You probably notice my ruse to direct traffic to my blog via Google. Not a very successive ruse I must say so I’ve abandoned that altogether. However, I’ve been having a lot of fun monitoring search phases that has my blog in the result.
If I really want to attract a lot of traffic to my blog, I can just start my post topics with the word “sex”. Apparently, that’s the most searched for term in google. But who wants to start every freaking post with the word “sex” or anything sex related? No, not me.
I stumbled across this blog yesterday. The owner seems to be very successive at directing traffic to his blog through use of very weird post topics like:

I must say I’m impressed. If you have time read the DIARRHEA post. It’s hilarious.

12 painless way to *cough* litter *cough* evangelize

May 27, 2006
I found this on,
12 painless way to evangelize
  1. stuff bill payment envelopes with catholic tracts
  2. volunteer to take charge of your parish literature rack
  3. play a video or audio tape for door-to-door missionaries
  4. place tracts or booklets in the pews at your parish
  5. write and answer messages on your service
  6. go door to door, hanging leaflets from doorknobs
  7. write to the editor when the press misrepresents the faith
  8. place catholic literature on the windshields
  9. give away photocopies of articles from periodicals
  10. send a friend (or a stranger) a book or a tape
  11. call radio talk shows
  12. leave catholic tracts and flyers in conspicuous places.
This sounds extremely like littering to me. Especially number 12 which basically means leave leaflets on trains, trams, buses, public places and pretend that you didn’t put it there. And what is with number 1? Stuffing bill payment envelopes with catholic tracts so that people can’t throw your tracts out when they’ve just gotten it out of the mailbox? I don’t know about other people but I expect bills in bill payment envelopes, not some tracts from some unverifiable sources.
I have only this to say to those who really want to evangelize: action speaks louder than words. I hate lectures. Especially lengthy lectures on something that can be easily demonstrated.

someone’s got the surprise of their life

May 26, 2006

I went to check the traffic to my blog today. And according to the records someone’s got the surprise of their life. That person searched for “picture of vertabrates” and I don’t think I’ll have to say what he/she got from my blog. That picture of “the duck” with the longest thingy in all vertabrates.
If that poor person is a highschool kid, that would be extremely funny. What if he/she actually put that picture in his/her science project hey? I think I’ve created an evil highschooler.

Dear Bertwood eat fish

May 25, 2006

I know that this post doesn’t deserve to be a post, more like a reply to a comment but, I think that Bertwood eat fish never really checks out all the comments so I’ll make it easier for him.
Dear Bertwood eat fish, I think you should eat more red meat. You obviously need it considering you went through 200 google search results to find one of my posts and didn’t. I’m touched. However don’t go alienate those people who as you said

someone is really sad to go through all those web sites and more to get to your site just to find out what you think about it

I have already alienated them enough I think. Those poor unsuspecting people who went googling for some dirt on da vinci code and got my hateful ramblings. My blog is probably on their I’ll-never-visit-this-shithole again list.

celebrities not-so-new gossip

May 24, 2006

Yeah, how utterly uncool I am. The 3vil g3nius following celbrities news? Whatever.
Since I have utterly nothing to write about today. I’m gonna write about what everyone usually want to read, gossip. Or more like my opinion on some gossips. Can you count gossip? No, you can’t. Pieces of gossip then.

Britney Spears is said to have filed a divorce.
Yes, she’s done it again. Got married again, got pregnant, again, and now getting a divorce yet again. And that poor kid Sean Preston something. He’s practically lives in the tabloid. You can actually see how much he’s grown. Poor kid indeed. Britney seems to be dropping him head first to the ground everyday. And what’s with holding a baby while driving? And not fastening his seat belt? I thought Britney wasn’t a blond. She’s been gradually turning blond.

Gwyneth’s 2nd kid’s name is Moses.
When I heard Gwyneth was pregnant. I thought she’s gonna name the kid Pear or Avocado or Durian or some exotic fruit, how about pineapple? That’s gonna make everyone knows that he/she is the sibling of the poorly named Apple. Anyway. Gwyneth’s gone biblical and named him Moses. Moses! Well, at least it’s not Judas. Nobody’s named Judas ever since, well, the first Judas.

If you’re wondering about my sources for these pieces of gossip. I don’t know. That’s why it’s called gossip.

Something to do with the Da Vinci Code at last: Dan Brown doesn’t know sh*t

May 23, 2006
I’m pretty sure by now everybody has either read the damn book or rushed to see the movie which isn’t that good anyway. If you haven’t done either and planning on doing one or both of those (reading or seeing the movie) there is spoilers ahead in this. Don’t read on. The rest of you. Read on.
In the book/movie, Professor Langdon was supposedly bugged with tiny GPS transmitter "dot" that is accurate to 2m. Apprently, at the moment the smallest GPS transmitter is nowhere near that size. Way bigger in fact. Hence the myth of GPS dot is completely busted. Dan Brown doesn’t know shit about GPS.
Secondly, said GPS transmitter was supposedly thrown out of a toilet after having been stuffed into a bar of soap taken from said toilet. Now, where can you go and find a bar of soap in a toilet these days? Has Dan Brown heard of liquid soap in those liquid soap dispenser that is much more hygienic?  Certainly not the Lourve. Even if there is a bar of soap in the Lourve, I suppose it is on displayed somewhere NOT in the toilet. Hence second myth busted. Dan Brown doesn’t know shit about soap.
Want to know more proof of Dan Brown doesn’t know shit. Go to this page on Howstuffworks

this is just too wrong

May 22, 2006

Tell me if you can still eat free sausage sizzle every other week at uni after this ok? This is just wrong. But why do I post it then? It’s like a car accident. You know it’s bad. You know it’s ugly but then you can’t turn away from it.

Got this pictures from Gizmodo. This thing is actually being sold on Ebay. Who would want this I wonder.

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