return of the silly oversized male sibling

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again. The start of me wondering should I turn on the TV or not. Big Brother’s started. And the new season looks just as dumb as ever. There’s a world first. I’m not sure what exactly it is. Maybe it’s the fact that there’re a mother and daughter in the house. What’s next, the whole family?? And within the 30 mind-numbing minutes that I watched it, the female contestants have checked each other boob jobs out and feel each other boobs (shivers). And please don’t ask why I watched this for 3o minutes. I did say it was mind-numbing. I was paralyzed, I couldn’t get my fingers to push any button to change the channel. And no I didn’t have any intention to watch it in the first place (I was waiting for the comedy festival gala) and I will definitely NOT watch it ever again.
And not to mention what the heck Gretel (where’s Hansel) Killeen wore yesterday. Striped shirt with an ORANGE tie!!! This woman belongs in, I don’t know, shows for people with mid-life crisis, not for young people. Come on Ten, change the host at least.


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