sensational email of the day

I came to school at 7.30 am today. You know the drill, save money on public transport by tagging along with my mum who works near my uni. Anyway. I came at 7.30. Hung around the cafe for an hour waiting for the computer lab to open. At 8.00 am it finally opened. Went online, check my mail and I got this email with the title “important”. Take a look at it, I’ve censored out 1 letter but you bright people definitely will make sense of it.

-Sensattional revolution in medicine!

-Enlarge your pen*s up to 10 cm or up to 4 inches!

-It’s herbal solution what hasn’t side effect, but has 100% guaranted

-Don’t lose your chance and but know wihtout doubts, you will be
i`mpressed with results!

I was impressed alright! But not by the utter lie of lenthening/enlarging you-know-what but by the fact that this obviously spam email got into my inbox rather than my spam box. Sensational start for the day.


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