Why is the sky blue?

I was tired, I was distracted and I was in a lecture. What could I do? Try to rear my already distracted mind back towards the lecture or I could spend the whole lecture thinking about stuff? After 1 second I chose the 2nd option.
So having chosen the option, I had to find the “stuff” to think on. And that “stuff” better has nothing to do with the lecture. Hence I arrived at the age-old question of “why is the sky blue?”
Pretty easy when you first think about it. However, the blue of the sky is not, I repeat NOT, a reflection of the blue of the water of the ocean. So why is the sky blue? As always, when in doubt turn to Google. And here it is, the sky is blue because when white light passes through the atmosphere air, which suspends lots of small particles, light is diffracted, ie. bent which gives us the impression that the sky is blue when in fact it is not.
Confused? If yes, well you can google your own answer out of the web or click on the title of the post and it will take you to a site that will explain, which is what I attempted to do, in full details. If no, good!


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