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Ok, it’s the end of Wednesday now. For me this is the start of the weekend already since on Thursday and Friday I have half-days ie can’t be counted as full day (duh!). And most importantly I have finished my oral presentation. I know I might sound like a broken record to my friends for saying that I’ve finished my oral for at least 10 times since 2 pm today but it is so so relaxing when other people have to worry their butts off something you already done. That’s why I call my self “evil”.
Alright. As stated in the topic. I’ve just received a letter from Google saying that I can build my homepage or pages now so I’m doing that. It’s going pretty slow since I don’t have any material to put on that. Thanks to this blog. So if you have any suggestions please leave a comment or email me or do both. Thanks, in advance.
Another project of mine right at this moment is to read my Physiology book, I mean my borrowed physiology book. I was so lost during the histology prac and during that osmolarity business. Seriously, scientist usually make simple stuff complicated. For example osmosis and tonicity. I thought I understood that in year 11 biology, that business with isotonic hypertonic and hypotonic. Well, I understood until they started to introduce molality, yes molality not morality or molarity, and osmolality. So now everything’s all messed up until I untangled some of my neurons which was tangled up since yesterday. All thanks to the physiology lecture. And this project has a higher priority than the homepage so it’s gonna be a long time until that homepage is up and running.


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