V for Vendetta – a review

I think fans of the Wachowski brothers, creators of the Matrix trilogy, would flock to the cinema to see this movie in hope of some serious ass-kicking action sequence. Well, they’re in for a surprise. No car chases in the movie, a few fights in dark alleys and smoke-filled room and a few seriously illogical explosions. That’s about all the actions in this movie.
However, this is an awesome movie. Yes, Awesome with a big fat capital A. It’s not because of the actions, come on, what kind of terrorist would bomb a building and make sure that all the people watching the bombing would enjoy themselves by blowing up the building that’s full of fireworks? And if the building’s full of fireworks, wouldn’t the anti-terrorism squad found those fireworks already? No, it’s not about the actions, it’s about revolution, it’s about politics, it’s about terrorism, it’s about religious extremist and it’s about hope. Oh, and the movie has a gay theme too. Seems like Hollywood is cashing on in the gay movement, maybe not for the right reasons though. This movie is gonna make you think about the current political state and about the laws that are rushed through the parliament to “protect” us. However, this movie also quite confronting since it glorifies terrorism or maybe it just attempts to show the western world the terrorism through the eye of the terrorists. It’s all about perspective I guess. After 9-11 the western world just want Al qaeda’s
blood, I mean brought to justice. And before that Al qaeda just want the western countries’ or more precisely America’s blood for whatever reasons. To them, maybe, we are the terrorists. In the end it all comes down to this one question though: “does the end justify the means?”. The answer the movie leans towards is Yes. And in the real world, strangely, the answer is still a Yes.
I did say this was AWESOME right? If only all comics adapted movies are this good.

An awesome alternative review since I’m pretty sure someone’s gonna disagree with me.


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