Aeon Flux – a review

Definitely not worth seeing in cinema so it’s not worth buying the DVD. Might worth a rent though. This is one of the rare times when the newspaper reviewers’ ratings are correct. I was, not exactly confused but a little bit overwhelmed by the plot at the start. It didn’t let on what the heck this Goodchild government is about and what the heck the resistance is. For all I know, the government might be right and the resistance might just be disillusioned band of assassins/terrorists in skimpy outfits with surprisingly "discreet" way to communicate and go about their "resistance" business. Come on! How can somersaulting around, even at high speed, can help you avoid all sorts of high-speed flying objects??? What about the good old running in zigzag pattern? Oh well, I forgot the number one rule in "the world according to Hollywood" rules: the good guys can’t be shot down, they might be tricked, they might be seduced but they can’t be shot down. Not all of the good guys though, only the sexy, beautiful ones in skimpy outfits who can avoid machine gun bullets. Exception for the above rule: Oscar winning war movies like "Saving private Ryan". But then the character played by Tom Hanks in that movie is hardly sexy or beautiful and definitely NOT wearing skimpy outfits! So the rule should be changed to "sexy, beautiful good guys in skimpy, revealing outfits cannot be shot down".
Back to the movie. The plot is a shamble. After half of the movie, after an hour of wondering what made me want to see this movie so much to buy the ticket in the first place, I started to see the where the plot was going. Apart from showing a lot of  Charlize Theoron doing somersaults in skimpy outfits that is. I’m not gonna tell because it’s gonna ruin the already ruined movie but I’m gonna say this: it is not worth the price of the ticket. Even a cheap Tuesday ticket.
To sum up in a few sentences? I think this movie is one of those movie they make by throwing a shoot-’em-up plot in the mixer together with some paranoia of cloning and totalitarian government. And amazingly enough, there was no car chases. Mostly because there are no cars to start with. Hollywood producers please note: you can’t have car chases when there are no cars. But frankly, I’m not even sure if a car chase sequence or two can salvage this movie. The totalitarian themes is not very major in the movie and the cloning theme was touched handled at the end of the movie so it wasn’t that major.
I’m gonna give this movie 4 out of 10. That’s for showing Charlize Theoron in skimpy outfits.


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