Well, you should be. I believe I’ve met my rather cynical alter ego. And not to mention it loves to poke its nose into my business. What the hell was I thinking when I wrote, typed out my conversation with that damn alter ego?
Anyway, it’s been unusually quiet at the moment so I’ll just use this chance to bring stuff up to date.
Ok, I’ve been reading fantasy a lot again. Have a look at the finished book list on the sidebar. I’ve read 10 books in 12 days so that’s almost a book a day right? Oh well, I’ve been reading fantasy non-stop for a year now so that’s nothing new really.
I’ve been doing a lot of hole digging these last 2 days. Dammit, if I have to dig another hole I’ll …….. I’ll ….. Well, frankly I don’t know what I’ll do yet but that would be an ugly affair. Why did I have to dig holes? Well, it has nothing to do with any youth detention camp. [If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Holes the book and the movie] It’s just that my mother has this idea. Wait a minute, I did explain that already so I’m not gonna repeat myself. Damn, that alter ego is really messing with my head.


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