The OC

I went to fill out this list on my yahoo 360 page the other day and I was a little troubled about it. The list was easy enough, list your favourite TV shows. At first I thought: "piece of cake" but then after 30 seconds I could only came up with "the simpsons" and "the biggest loser" and no matter how much I wanted to pretend that I like some other shows, there was none. Not that I didn’t like any other shows, the truth is I don’t watch that much TV. I watch news and "the biggest loser" on a regular basis and the occasional rerun of "the simpsons" because they’re usually on at the time I have dinner. So with the sole purpose of finding another show I would like I sat through an episode of the OC yesterday and I must say I was glad. Not because I find another of my favourite TV shows though. Glad because I didn’t waste time watching the first 2 seasons. Here’s a short list of what’s so wrong with "the OC".

  • What is that school anyway? I admit I can’t make out if it’s a highschool or a uni. The students look old enough to be in uni but they act like they’re junior high kids.
  • What’s with the tiny school bags? Face it, even if they’re in highschool they have to bring something to school right? Even if they’re rich they have to at least bring a laptop to school or something. I think I saw the occasional glimpses of folders and text books that are way too big to fit into the tiny handbags of the girls and the highly fashionable "school bags" of the boys. Or maybe they’re just too busy with being drama queens and kings to be bothered with school works. But they do attend school vigorously.
  • People there are all too beautiful and too dysfunctional to be real. And it’s just weird that the OC has such high "concentration" of dysfunctional people.
  • In real life, geeks don’t go out with the most popular girl in the school. Besides, I haven’t seen Seth doing anything that is even a little bit geeky. He claims to be a geek because he reads comics but I didn’t see him reading any in that episode.
  • Sandy: a CEO with compassion? Ok, that is a recipe for disaster. Not that I’m hinting that real CEO’s don’t have compassion. They might have some compassion but not to the degree of being upset by sacking 4 people.

That’s about it in one episode. I’m pretty sure I won’t willfully sit through another episode in the near future. How great were the double episodes of The Simpsons yesterday?

Almost forgot. Do you know the "Bear Community"? It’s not a community of bears or bear loving humans like I thought initially. It’s a community of gay and hairy men (o_o).


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