Recreational activity

Do you know that one of the most popular recreational activities of students is pen spinning? Well, trust me it is. When you just wanna tune out whatever boring class you have, take a pen and start spinning. There’s a list of web sites that are dedicated to this recreation. I didn’t know about this until yesterday. Do you know that there are “official names” for different tricks too? Well, I’ve been doing the Sonic combo for years without knowing the name of it so go figure.
Anyhow, I ran a search for pen spinning tricks and now I know how to do the thumb around. That’s like the coolest basic trick where you spin a pen around your thumb [just exactly like what the name of the trick suggests]. I think I’ve found another of my favourite haunts.


2 Responses to “Recreational activity”

  1. Nhan Says:

    zomg gimme the sites XD!!!!!!

  2. Rabbit-man Says:

    I tried that sonic trick you speak of…it did not end well…

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