Time crawls when you have nothing to do

Or when you read a very boring book ie. my as-dry-as-the-Sahara-desert Chem book. I think there was a study done to kindergarten kids which found that kids absorb information better if it’s fun and informative at the same time. Well, apparently that study can’t be applied to uni students. Uni textbook and fun can’t appear in the same sentence.
That’s what I found after a day pouring over text books and lecture notes. Well, more like half a day because I gave up after half an hour of excruciating confusion about hybridization and asked my big sis, who is extremely good at Chem. Well, surprise surprise. I understand the damn hybridization thing. And I also found that the damn text book is not only extrememly “gifted” in being dry, it was written with the sole purpose of confusing students or maybe just me. Good thing I didn’t buy any text book, else I would have torn them apart in my frustration.
So the hybridization problem is solved, which left me with the acid-base equilibrium problem completely untouched. But that’s for another day. Now I’m completely focused on finish reading my 52nd book of the year. Damn, I’m reading way too much. What do I get out of reading those books? Well, frankly nothing but a good time. I don’t read books to appreciate their values or to dissect the book to write an A+ essay. I read just to read. Um, does that make sense?
Anyhow, my 52nd book this year and it’s been only 2.5 months. Wow! Last year I read 120 something books over 8 months so I definitely will be able to beat my own record.

I think I mentioned something about mind maps the other day. Well, here’s one I did for my physiol lecture. I haven’t found time yet to make it particularly beautiful but it’s more organised than just a piece of paper full of dot points. Click on it to view full sized


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