I was just checking my word of the day and there it was, “perambulate” which means to stroll. First look at that word I can only think of “amputate”. Hey that rhymes. How about this: “After he got his legs amputated he couldn’t perambulate ever again”
All right I know I suck at rhyming. My goal in life is not to be a poet or a rapper so that doesn’t matter.
I also ran across this bit of news from The Age. And they’re talking about young people don’t take responsibility for their actions. Why is that I wonder when a councilor got drunk and blame a “long lunch”.

I’ve been posting everyday lately. Wonder why? Maybe not. Noone ever reads this so who’s gonna wonder? If you do, post a possible answer and I’ll get back to you about it.

To another matter. I’ve just realised that beautiful people have this ability to seek out other beautiful people and stick together and never shut up. I got distracted from a lecture by 2, surprise surprise, “beautiful” person who can’t seem to stop talking about their boyfriends, their clothes and their sunnies. And the topic of the lecture was Calculus.


2 Responses to “Perambulate??”

  1. Nhan Says:

    i know why you’ve been posting everyday! you come to uni early/go home late and there’s nothing to do so you post. And i got annoyed by them too!

  2. DaInBrAmAgE Says:

    Hey, you got annoyed by them what? My posting so regularly or my having to come in early and leave late?
    Anyway, exactly the reason. Good job Nhan

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