What I’m looking forward to

Off the top of my head? Well, there’s at least half a dozen: getting home tonight, dinner, getting into bed, biggest losers tonight. Well, they’re what I’m looking forward to right at this moment but what I’m really looking forward to is the weekend. [ok, I know you’re thinking I’m EXTREMELY original with that one. Just hold that thought ok?]
Next week’s the Commonwealth games and this year it’s held right here in Melbourne. Due to the Commonwealth games [which some lecturer at my uni are calling the "silly games"] Monash Parkville Campus is closed. See what I’m getting at? I have 2 weeks off after this weekend!! That’s 2 weeks of waking up late and stay at home.
Back to the silly, oops, Commonwealth games. It’s actually silly. The whole point of the games as people see it here is how many gold medals Australia can get out of all the other smaller, less developed countries. Whatever the Commonwealth games is for, I’m just glad that I have a holiday when people from other uni has to go to school.

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