why you shouldn’t do drugs

Of course anyone can listed half a dozen of reasons not to do drugs off the top of their head but I bet constipation is not in there. Ha, constipation. That’s about the only half useful and exciting thing I got out of today lectures. Don’t do drugs kids coz you’ll be constipated and that’s not good.
Now, uni has been going on for 2 weeks now and I think everything’s settled down somewhat. After my 2 weeks of uni, I think I can say that it’s not a too big difference from highschool. It’s highschool with super size classes that’s all. And you don’t have recesses, you’ll have breaks instead. I don’t feel like I’m more mature or more sophisticated. In fact I felt so unsophisticated that last week I started speed reading a book on philosophy to add some sophistication into my otherwise unsophisticated life. Well, I’ve only read 2 chapters of that book and so far it’s kind of confusing. Actually, anything can be confusing if you read it at 1000 WPM but I don’t have that much time to ponder upon philosophy maybe I’ll make some time during the Silly Games break to do that.
I started a side project yesterday. I’m learning to do mind map. Apparently it helps with memorizing and learning a lot so I’m gonna try it out. So far so good. I’ve made some mind maps of my lectures and they’re not very pretty. That leads to researching on how to do them on my laptop and that leads to mind mapping software. Do you know that there’re half a dozen of them out there? They’re all good and pretty and expensive. Luckily I found one for free and it’s actually quite good for a freeware. Interested? it’s called Freemind. Check it out if you want to do some mind mapping on a computer.

Currently listening to: Adam’s song – Blink 182


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