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the unnecessary post

March 30, 2006
As the title suggests, this post is possibly an useless, pointless, fruitless waste of time. But hey, you’ve already wasted a few KB loading this page so there is no point in pressing that x button at the top right hand corner of this window before reading this first.
I woke up today and the Apples are suing each other so I think I’ll be sticking to oranges for a few days. And we’ve run out of apples anyway. This is hilarious, Apple corps., which is a record company, is suing Apple, which is the computer company. But they’re not suing about the name, they’re suing about iTunes. Yeah right! Big deal! The world’s gonna end pretty soon!

“the END of …” conversation

March 27, 2006
Me: The world. It’s the end of the world.
Alter ego: It’s the start of you being a big cry baby
Me: it is the end of the world as I know it.
Alter ego: which is?
Me: get up late, read books till I run out of either energy or books, go to bed late.
Alter ego: I rest my case. You are, most definitely, a BIG cry baby.
Me: so what I’m just nuturing my inner child.
Alter ego: more like your inner and outer cry baby for crying out loud!
Me [mumbling]: who’s crying now?

Aeon Flux – a review

March 22, 2006

Definitely not worth seeing in cinema so it’s not worth buying the DVD. Might worth a rent though. This is one of the rare times when the newspaper reviewers’ ratings are correct. I was, not exactly confused but a little bit overwhelmed by the plot at the start. It didn’t let on what the heck this Goodchild government is about and what the heck the resistance is. For all I know, the government might be right and the resistance might just be disillusioned band of assassins/terrorists in skimpy outfits with surprisingly "discreet" way to communicate and go about their "resistance" business. Come on! How can somersaulting around, even at high speed, can help you avoid all sorts of high-speed flying objects??? What about the good old running in zigzag pattern? Oh well, I forgot the number one rule in "the world according to Hollywood" rules: the good guys can’t be shot down, they might be tricked, they might be seduced but they can’t be shot down. Not all of the good guys though, only the sexy, beautiful ones in skimpy outfits who can avoid machine gun bullets. Exception for the above rule: Oscar winning war movies like "Saving private Ryan". But then the character played by Tom Hanks in that movie is hardly sexy or beautiful and definitely NOT wearing skimpy outfits! So the rule should be changed to "sexy, beautiful good guys in skimpy, revealing outfits cannot be shot down".
Back to the movie. The plot is a shamble. After half of the movie, after an hour of wondering what made me want to see this movie so much to buy the ticket in the first place, I started to see the where the plot was going. Apart from showing a lot of  Charlize Theoron doing somersaults in skimpy outfits that is. I’m not gonna tell because it’s gonna ruin the already ruined movie but I’m gonna say this: it is not worth the price of the ticket. Even a cheap Tuesday ticket.
To sum up in a few sentences? I think this movie is one of those movie they make by throwing a shoot-’em-up plot in the mixer together with some paranoia of cloning and totalitarian government. And amazingly enough, there was no car chases. Mostly because there are no cars to start with. Hollywood producers please note: you can’t have car chases when there are no cars. But frankly, I’m not even sure if a car chase sequence or two can salvage this movie. The totalitarian themes is not very major in the movie and the cloning theme was touched handled at the end of the movie so it wasn’t that major.
I’m gonna give this movie 4 out of 10. That’s for showing Charlize Theoron in skimpy outfits.


March 20, 2006

Well, you should be. I believe I’ve met my rather cynical alter ego. And not to mention it loves to poke its nose into my business. What the hell was I thinking when I wrote, typed out my conversation with that damn alter ego?
Anyway, it’s been unusually quiet at the moment so I’ll just use this chance to bring stuff up to date.
Ok, I’ve been reading fantasy a lot again. Have a look at the finished book list on the sidebar. I’ve read 10 books in 12 days so that’s almost a book a day right? Oh well, I’ve been reading fantasy non-stop for a year now so that’s nothing new really.
I’ve been doing a lot of hole digging these last 2 days. Dammit, if I have to dig another hole I’ll …….. I’ll ….. Well, frankly I don’t know what I’ll do yet but that would be an ugly affair. Why did I have to dig holes? Well, it has nothing to do with any youth detention camp. [If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Holes the book and the movie] It’s just that my mother has this idea. Wait a minute, I did explain that already so I’m not gonna repeat myself. Damn, that alter ego is really messing with my head.

mud and chocolate

March 18, 2006

What’s the difference between mud and chocolate?
Well, that’s easy, one is edible the other isn’t. One is full of energy, the other is not.
What’s the similarity between mud and chocolate?
They’re all brown, can’t you SEE the similarity? Are all alter egos this stupid?
Why the hell are you writing about mud and chocolate?
Because I feel like it. And you shut up.
What’s the freaking significance of this post?
It’s gonna save the world!!!! And I thought I said shut up. I have to write this post. Besides, why does everything have to be of significance?
Why should anyone want to read this?
Why shouldn’t they? Because they want to.
Why all the questions? Huh? Huh? And shut the hell up, I want to write.

If you’ve lost me somewhere in that “sophisticated” dialogue. Well fear not because I’m just back from la-la land and the above is just the side effect of the trip there and back.

Why did you go to la-la land in the first place?
I woke up in la-la land and found YOU inside my head. What did I do to get stuck with you inside my head huh punk?
Well, first of all you don’t “get stuck” with an alter ego. You have the privilege of having an alter ego. You should thank your guardian demon for having an alter ego at all. And there’s no la-la land.
I have never heard of guardian demon so la-la land is the only logical explanation for your existence. Is there really guardian demon? I’m so surprised, I’m so flattered. How can I get rid of you?
Hey I might know all the answers but why should I tell you? I’m having so much fun talking to you.
Shut up and let me write!
You’re not writing, you’re typing. Can’t you tell the freaking difference? Besides, you didn’t wake up in la-la land. You’re fabricating the whole la-la land concept. In other words you’re lying to your readers. You’ve forfeited the integrity of a writer, oops, typer.
SHUT UP! It’s my blog and I write whatever I want to write. Get your own blog and do whatever you want to do with it.
TYPE you idiot. TYPE. How many time do I have to tell you. You write with a pen and type with a keyboard.
WHAT-freaking-EVER. Get your own freaking blog!

*insert long and big sigh of relief*
It’s gone. So now that the la-la land approach is sabotaged by my damn alter ego I’ll use plan B. The direct approach.
You’re fabricating again. You didn’t have a plan B. You lying liar!
Why did I have the impression that you’re gone forever? And WHATEVER I can think on my feet and I had a plan B. And when you call anyone a liar you’re implying that they’re lying already. You don’t have to call them a “lying liar” that’s overdoing it. Why am I even talking to you?
Because you have noone to talk to. I was just emphasising on the fact that you’re a liar. What better adjective besides “lying”? And you didn’t think on your feet. You were sitting. You thought on your arse.
That was just a figure a speech. And you can stick it up your a.uhhh.. you behind.
That is exactly why you get the privilege of having my company. You’re not living up to your name. You’re not evil, you’re not a genius and you’re hardly truevilgenius material. I’ll leave when you live up to it.
That’s not my name!!! That’s just an alias, you idiot! Leave! Begone! Leave, sesame!
What the f***? Leave sesame?
Can’t blame me for trying. How about this I’m ignoring you and just type my post?

That’s it, where was I?
Yep, my alter ego. Apparently I haven’t lived up to my “name” which is truevilgenius. As my alter ego had so happily pointed out. And it wouldn’t get its own blog so now I’m stuck with it on the same blog. I think I should change the name of the blog to “me and my alter ego” or something but that would mean designing another template. And the damn alter ego doesn’t deserve it anyway.

I deserve everything, I deserve the world.
Shut up! Quit interrupting me. You’ve wasted most of this post already. Just let me salvage what I can out of this disaster of a post!

Ok, mud and chocolate. I really haven’t drawn on the similarity between them until this morning. See, my mum wanted to block the oh-so-relaxing view, and sound for that matter, of cars travelling at 60 km/h on the road in front of our house. She bought about 2 dozens neighbour be gone’s to plant in the front yard. So we had to dig holes to put the damn plants in. You know those western movies where the heroes are made to dig their own graves by the bad guys? Yeah, they make grave digging seems like a piece of cake. That is a lie. I had to dig a 40 cm wide and 40 cm deep hole to put a plant in and it took ages and ages. And you can dig nothing with a shovel. Well, maybe it’s just my luck because I could dig nothing with a shovel. So I had this sudden bright idea of pouring water into the hole to make the soil softer. That was not very bright apparently. The soil didn’t absorb the water even though it was as dry as a bone. So I was stuck with a half-dug hole fill with mud which had the nice, smooth consistency of molten chocolate. Yum, chocolate!
Anyway, the problem with that was I couldn’t dig down anymore without first remove the chocolate-ish mud because it would splatter mud everywhere. So a morning well-spent digging holes and stuck with an alter ego while I was at it? You tell me.

that wasn’t that bad.
What wasn’t bad? digging holes? Having been stuck with you? Oh yes, that wasn’t bad AT ALL!
No, you idiot, the post.
Compare to the last post on you blog, this is much much better. You’ve displayed your ability to develop your own unique voice. That’s gonna set you apart from the rest of the blogging community.
Oh really? You think so?
Yep, nothing to do with your salvaging ability though. All thanks to me. Without me and my clever questions your post is just another of your mind-numbingly boring posts.
Yeah right, without you I would have finished this post 2 hours ago! Why should I thank you for wasting not only my time but also my readers’ time?
ALTER EGO: (singing “Without Me” by Eminem)
Coz this looks like a job for me, so everybody just follow me, coz we need a little controversy, coz it feels so empty without me!
Don’t you start singing “without me” on me. And do you have a name? Alter ego is hardly a name. I’m getting tired of having to type “alter ego” all the time.
ALTER EGO: (continue singing)
They tried to shut me down on MTV but it feels so empty without me.
Why don’t you admit that you like my presence on your blog?
I ain’t admitting nothing so don’t hold your breath you egotistical … alter ego.

my research on blogging

March 17, 2006

I did a little research on blogging. Turned out, most of the successful blogs [ie. with a lot of readers] are either political [ie. anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-abortion, anti-smoking, anti-drug taking, anti-living (just joking)] or about technology. I’m not political. I don’t want to be political. In fact I refuse to write about politics although I was tempted to do so a number of times. Seriously, politicians provide great laughs, especially religious politician like Tony Abbott. Anyway, I’m straying from my non-political stance. I like technology, I love it. It’s just that I don’t have the money to get myself all the gadgets I like and reading or writing about new gadgets just gonna make me depressed. Hence no writing about gadgets or even reading about them.
So that left me with writing about… ME, which, I must say, is a blogbuster hit . I read in some blogging book a while ago that people find other people’s lives interesting even though it’s not. OK, that is unclear. How about this. Person A lives a mind-numbing life, or at least he thinks it is and  A blogs about his mind-numbing life. Person B lives a similarly mind-numbing life and he hates it. Somehow B finds the mind-numbing way A leads his life inspirational and worships A’s blog. End of story.
So, where was I? People find other people’s boring lives intresting. And I forgot the point I want to make. This is not good, I think I’m having some memory crisis. Will get back to this point later.
That brings out another point I want to make. Have you ever have something you want to say but then when you have a chance to say it and you can’t remember what the heck you want to say? That happens to me a lot, just now for example. Usually I just delete the whole post but today is an exception. I can’t be bothered. Seriously, after messing around with my template script for 2 hours I can’t be bothered doing anything else. I’ve added a few more things to my blog sidebar, check it out if you have time. The blogroll is the new feature, it’s got all the blogs I usually read. Have a read if you have time, they’re fun.

The OC

March 15, 2006

I went to fill out this list on my yahoo 360 page the other day and I was a little troubled about it. The list was easy enough, list your favourite TV shows. At first I thought: "piece of cake" but then after 30 seconds I could only came up with "the simpsons" and "the biggest loser" and no matter how much I wanted to pretend that I like some other shows, there was none. Not that I didn’t like any other shows, the truth is I don’t watch that much TV. I watch news and "the biggest loser" on a regular basis and the occasional rerun of "the simpsons" because they’re usually on at the time I have dinner. So with the sole purpose of finding another show I would like I sat through an episode of the OC yesterday and I must say I was glad. Not because I find another of my favourite TV shows though. Glad because I didn’t waste time watching the first 2 seasons. Here’s a short list of what’s so wrong with "the OC".

  • What is that school anyway? I admit I can’t make out if it’s a highschool or a uni. The students look old enough to be in uni but they act like they’re junior high kids.
  • What’s with the tiny school bags? Face it, even if they’re in highschool they have to bring something to school right? Even if they’re rich they have to at least bring a laptop to school or something. I think I saw the occasional glimpses of folders and text books that are way too big to fit into the tiny handbags of the girls and the highly fashionable "school bags" of the boys. Or maybe they’re just too busy with being drama queens and kings to be bothered with school works. But they do attend school vigorously.
  • People there are all too beautiful and too dysfunctional to be real. And it’s just weird that the OC has such high "concentration" of dysfunctional people.
  • In real life, geeks don’t go out with the most popular girl in the school. Besides, I haven’t seen Seth doing anything that is even a little bit geeky. He claims to be a geek because he reads comics but I didn’t see him reading any in that episode.
  • Sandy: a CEO with compassion? Ok, that is a recipe for disaster. Not that I’m hinting that real CEO’s don’t have compassion. They might have some compassion but not to the degree of being upset by sacking 4 people.

That’s about it in one episode. I’m pretty sure I won’t willfully sit through another episode in the near future. How great were the double episodes of The Simpsons yesterday?

Almost forgot. Do you know the "Bear Community"? It’s not a community of bears or bear loving humans like I thought initially. It’s a community of gay and hairy men (o_o).

Recreational activity

March 13, 2006

Do you know that one of the most popular recreational activities of students is pen spinning? Well, trust me it is. When you just wanna tune out whatever boring class you have, take a pen and start spinning. There’s a list of web sites that are dedicated to this recreation. I didn’t know about this until yesterday. Do you know that there are “official names” for different tricks too? Well, I’ve been doing the Sonic combo for years without knowing the name of it so go figure.
Anyhow, I ran a search for pen spinning tricks and now I know how to do the thumb around. That’s like the coolest basic trick where you spin a pen around your thumb [just exactly like what the name of the trick suggests]. I think I’ve found another of my favourite haunts.

Time crawls when you have nothing to do

March 12, 2006

Or when you read a very boring book ie. my as-dry-as-the-Sahara-desert Chem book. I think there was a study done to kindergarten kids which found that kids absorb information better if it’s fun and informative at the same time. Well, apparently that study can’t be applied to uni students. Uni textbook and fun can’t appear in the same sentence.
That’s what I found after a day pouring over text books and lecture notes. Well, more like half a day because I gave up after half an hour of excruciating confusion about hybridization and asked my big sis, who is extremely good at Chem. Well, surprise surprise. I understand the damn hybridization thing. And I also found that the damn text book is not only extrememly “gifted” in being dry, it was written with the sole purpose of confusing students or maybe just me. Good thing I didn’t buy any text book, else I would have torn them apart in my frustration.
So the hybridization problem is solved, which left me with the acid-base equilibrium problem completely untouched. But that’s for another day. Now I’m completely focused on finish reading my 52nd book of the year. Damn, I’m reading way too much. What do I get out of reading those books? Well, frankly nothing but a good time. I don’t read books to appreciate their values or to dissect the book to write an A+ essay. I read just to read. Um, does that make sense?
Anyhow, my 52nd book this year and it’s been only 2.5 months. Wow! Last year I read 120 something books over 8 months so I definitely will be able to beat my own record.

I think I mentioned something about mind maps the other day. Well, here’s one I did for my physiol lecture. I haven’t found time yet to make it particularly beautiful but it’s more organised than just a piece of paper full of dot points. Click on it to view full sized

Friday at last!

March 10, 2006

Yep, that’s at the fore front of my brain right this moment. I have 2 weeks to:

  • Read a pile of fantasy books that I borrowed
  • Work some sense out of all the lecture notes
  • Make summaries for all of the stuff we’ve gone through in the first 2 week of uni

Yup, that’s about it. Now that I don’t have access to the internet everyday, I suppose I won’t post this regularly. Besides, there wouldn’t be anything to post about. Probably what book I read and what sense I make out of the lecture notes but that is obviously so "interesting" to put down to a blog.