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February 26, 2006

It’s been a while. Again. The most exciting event this past week was uni orientation. “Exciting” is not actually the right word. “Boring” is. What I got out of O-week, or rather O-half week [thanks to the Commonwealth Games]? Well, the lecturers kept on repeating that uni will be very different from highschool [like we don’t already work that one out, what’s the use of having a different name when it’s not at all different?] and the student rep left an impression that uni is just like highschool but you can get drunk on a regular basis. They have this club that get together every 2 week and basically get wasted for the whole day. Now THAT is very good for the liver.
That’s basically it. Oh, I forgot, a few people thought that I was Chinese, a few people are convinced that I’m an international student and I couldn’t understand my Indian instructor! I wouldn’t be surprise if one of these days I speak with Indian accent.

Crisis of the week: iTunes fucked up my iPod playlists and mlipod refused to transfer songs from iPod to my computer. For future reference: NEVER TURN ON ITUNES AND WINAMP SIMULTANEOUSLY
Thought of the week: blah blah blah… boring boring boring… blah blah blah… boring boring boring
Currently listening to: The Living End’s new album “State of Emergency”



February 17, 2006

According to my dictionary, vegan is “a person who neither eats nor uses any animal products”. This got me thinking. I know that vegans don’t use silk since it’s an animal product but then would vegans use polyester since polyester comes, basically, from dead dinosaurs. Or maybe they [vegans] only avoid anything that comes directly from any animal so if the animal is dead for a few million years it makes no difference? I gotta ask a vegan this someday.

The biggest loser

February 14, 2006
Alrighty, it’s been another week. I wasn’t gonna write but then I saw "the biggest loser" yesterday and I realised that all the fat people on that show have something in common, they’re fat and they’re relatively beautiful for fat people. Seriously, this is no "reality". Maybe the producers are afraid that if they put fat and ugly people in that show noone’s gonna watch it.
Word of the day: concupiscence.
What does it mean? Lust. Now why the hell should I remember a word that I’m not sure how to pronounce. Can’t "lust" do?

Long time no write

February 5, 2006

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I wrote. This is a record by far. I read this book about blogging once. It said something about writing not too frequently and not too infrequently so I guess I’m putting that advice to use huh?
Ok, what’s up lately. Nothing. I’ve just been reading. A lot. My sister put it this way: “you appear at meal time and disappear for the rest of the day”. It’s just that I’m trying to read as much as I can.
And I found the joy of “shoot ’em up” games. I got Halo for a really low price last week and me and my little sis have been shooting alien butts ever since. Now I really do believe that violent games promote violence. When we were shooting aliens, we talked like marines and it’s not good when you talk like marines (including swear words and the gangster stuff) when your parents are nearby having dinner. Anyway, I really do enjoy Halo. Still don’t have a clue what the heck is Halo though. The game has a storyline but we were too into the games to listen to all the dialogue. Oh well, I will replay it some day.