what have I been doing?

Well lots of things and strangely they all have something to do with the couch:

  1. Wearing out the couch in the lounge
  2. Have successfully applied to be a full time couch potato
  3. Star in the new movie “couching girl, hidden remote control”

In other words, I haven’t been doing anything really. It’s all because of all the tennis on the TV and then when there’s no tennis I was involved in some serious thumb-muscles-work-out [ie. games, games and more games]. So I figured I better do something and went ebooks hunting today. The results? Well, let’s say I’ve gathered enough books to read until uni starts. I have a new addiction. This time it’s vampires and werewolves. Not much different from fantasy but it’s a change right?


One Response to “what have I been doing?”

  1. Alison Says:

    Hello, I want to study Pharmacy at Monash. Would you be able to tell me your UMAT scores? I just got my scores back and I want to see if it is high enough. That would be awesome if you could do that for me! Can you please blog your scores !!

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